The importance of 'Sava Dollar'

Sava Dollar, i.e. one dollar and 25 cents is an unusual term here. In India, it's common to ask of a 'mannat', to pray to God for something you wish to have, and offer a service, or an amount of money as a donation if it's done. Mostly people don't give money in whole numbers/round figures i.e. Rs 100 or 50 or 20 or 10 or 1, but instead it goes as Rs 101, 51, 21, 11 or 1.25, depending on one's abilities.

The interesting thing here, though, is that the girl is offering her gods one n a quarter of a dollar instead of Indian rupees, probably because the wish is big (though Rs 50 is close to a dollar and rs 51 is an amount offered very commonly) and she wants to offer something bigger, uncommon, maybe international as she'd like to be a big actress.

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