Tu mera aasman sa lage kyun Lyrics Translation (Ajab Gazab Love)

Movie: Ajab Gazabb Love
Music: Sajid-Wajid
Lyrics: Kausar Munir
Singer: Mohit Chauhan
Pictured on: Jackky Bhagnani, Nidhi Subbaiah

Tu mera aasmaan sa lage, kyun
Uda uda sa phiroon in hawaaon mein, kyun
Oh tu mera raasta sa lage, kyun..

You look like my sky, why (is it so)..
I am like flying in the winds, why (is it so)..
You look like my path, why..

Juda juda sa phiroon teri raahon mein kyun..
Sondhi hai, dhaani hai baarish ka paani hai
Khwahish puraani hai tu hi tu
Jheeni hai bheeni hai chai me cheeni hai
Pyaale me peeni hai tu hi tu
Meethi bhi lage, thodi khaari lage
Chatkhaari zara par pyaari lage

why do I roam in your paths, separated..
(you are) fragrant, you're beautiful shade of green, you're like rain water,
you're an old wish,
you're transparent, fragrant, like sugar in tea,
I have to drink you in a cup..
you are sweet, and a little salty too,
you're a little spicy, but lovely..

Tu mera aasmaan sa lage, kyun..
Uda uda sa phiroon in hawaaon me, kyun..

Tera iraada karta hun
Din raat tujh pe marta hun
Dil mera tera aadha hai
Simple sa vaada karta hoon
Tera intezaar hai dil taar taar hai
Aaja keh de zara ki pyaar pyaar pyar hai

I wish for you,
I die for you day and night,
My heart is half yours,
I make this simple promise,
I'm waiting for you, and the heart is all in parts,
come and say that you love me, that you love me..

Tu mera aasmaan sa lage kyun
Uda uda sa phiroon in hawaon me kyun
Oh tu mera raasta sa lage kyun
Juda juda sa phiroon teri raahon me kyun
Tu tu.. Tu.

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