Navrai Majhi Lyrics Translation (English Vinglish)

Movie: English Vinglish
Music: Amit Trivedi
Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire
Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan

Navrai majhi laadachi laadaachi ga
Avada hila chandraachi chandrachi ga
Navrai majhi navsaachi navasachi ga
Apsara jashi indraachi indrachi ga..

my new bride has been brought up with lot of love,
She has a liking for the moon..
my new bride was born from God's blessings,
She's like an Indra's Apsara to us..

[My new bride here doesn't mean the husband/husband to be talking, but the bride's mother/family are the ones singing this.]

Baurai chali sharmaati ghabraati wo
Piya ke ghar ithlaati balkhaati wo
Surmai naina chhalkaati-chhalkati wo
Piya ke ghar bharmaati sakuchaati wo

She walks going crazy, shy, feeling embarassed,
to her beloved's home, in style..
she goes with her kohl-lined eyes spilling,
to her beloved's home, confused, shy..

Choonar mein iske sitaare
Saare chamkile chamkile chamkile
Kangan main iske bahaarein
Paajeb hariyale hariyale hariyale

there are stars in her scarf,
all shining bright..
there are seasons of spring in her bangles,
and her anklets are full of greenery..

Navrai majhi ladachi-ladachi ga
Avada hila chandrachi-chandrachi ga
Navrai majhi navsachi-navsachi ga
Apsara zashi indrachi indrachi ga ga ga haa..

Suniyo ji isko, rakhiyo jatan se
ye badi naazuk hai, naazuk hai, nazuk
Kali yeh anmol, kali yeh anmol
Aao ji aao thumka lagao
Zara behko ji, behko ji, behko
Khushiyon ke baaje dhol..

listen, please keep her well,
she's very soft, very tender,
priceless, flower-bud..
come, come, shake a leg,
go swaying, sway..
the drums of joys are playing..

Aankhon mein iske ishaare
Bade nakhrile nakhrile nakhrile
Sapnon ke laakhon nazaare
Saare rangeele rangeele rangeele

there are signs in her eyes,
so stylish, throwing a little tantrum..
there are sceneries of dreams,
all so colorful..

Baurai chali sharmati ghabaati wo
Pia ke ghar ithlaati balkhaati wo
Surmai naina chhalkati-chhalkaati wo
Pia ke ghar bharmaati sakuchaati wo..

Navrai majhi ladachi-ladachi ga
Avada hila chandrachi-chandrachi ga
Navrai majhi navsachi-navsachi ga
Apsara jashi indrachi indrachi ga ha..


Anandita said...

I loved the song without knowing the meaning of the lyrics but now it has become my favourite !!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely song

Flash said...

Loved your translation. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

love navarai machi

Anonymous said...

superb lyrics with a beautiful meaning

Unknown said...

beautiful song :) lovely

Sonal said...

Awesum song it it...<3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

awesome song...!! i loved it without knowing the meaning, and now that i know it, its become even more touching and heart-rendering..!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the meaning, the song become meaningful to me and more special.

Anonymous said...

English vinglish my best ever movie

Anonymous said...

Superb song....

Anonymous said...

We used this for my sister grah shanti highlihts video...everyone loved it!

anupama shrivastava said...

Awesome song...heart touching. ...beautiful lyrics. ..I love this song very much. ..

Anonymous said...

awesome song

Anonymous said...

this i s my favrite song l really like because it is on girl

Anonymous said...

Such a lvly song 4 all d brides:-)

Unknown said...

For a Telugu speaking guy like me usually Hindi songs become my favorite now this marathi song i listened countless times without knowing the meaning .. Thanks for this well described meaning !! cheers !!

Anonymous said...

A superb song...fantastic

कुमार अरुण said...


RIZAN said...

Name of all singer ?

Anonymous said...


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