Lakh Duniya Kahe Tum Nahi ho Tum Yahin ho Lyrics Translation

Movie: Talaash
Music: Ram Sampath
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
Singer: Ram Sampath

Laakh duniya kahe, tum nahi ho
Tum yahin ho, tum yahin ho

How much ever does the world say, you're not there..
you're here.. you're here only..

Meri har soch mein, meri har baat mein
Mere ehsaas mein, mere jazbaat mein
Tum hi tum ho
Tum har kahin ho

in every thought of mine, in my every talk,
in my feelings, in my emotions,
only you're there..
you're everywhere..

Laakh duniya kahe, tum nahin ho
Tum yaheen ho, tum yaheen ho

Tumne chhoda hai kab saath mera
Thaame ho aaj bhi haath mera
Koi manzil koi rehguzar ho
Aaj bhi tum mere humsafar ho
Jaaun chaahe jahaan tum waheen ho

when have you left me alone, (you never have)
you are holding my hand even today..
be it any destination, any path,
you're my companion even today..
wherever I go, you're there..

Laakh duniya kahe tum nahi ho
Tum yaheen ho, tum yaheen ho..

Khushboo banke hawaaon mein tum ho
Rang banke fizaaon mein tum ho
Koi gaaye koi saans goonje
Sab sureeli sadaaon mein tum ho
Tum ko har roop mein dil hai pehchanta
Log hain bekhabar par hai dil jaanta
Tu mere paas ho, dilnasheen ho

you're there in the wind as a fragrance,
you're in the seasons as colors,
whoever sings, or whatever breath echoes -
you're there in all the musical calls..
the heart recognizes you in every form,
people are ignorant, but my heart knows..
you're with me, close to my heart..

Tum yahin ho, tum yahin ho...

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Anonymous said...

this song has stolen my heart! my friend told me to listen to this..
i cant talk to her now..just wana tell her how much i loved it!

Anonymous said...

this song is gem which people didnt identify...

Anonymous said...

want to tell ThiS to someone...loST even the old frndship we shared.. miss you!!

Anonymous said...

We may scold our parents for many reasons and we also say to them go away from here in anger.But you really miss them when they are not near U.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This song is amazing I cry every time I listen to it.. what a lost . RIP love

Anonymous said...

I miss you deeply habibi shiv :'(

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