Ishq Shava Meaning

It seems the lines Ishq Shava, Mushq Shava, Khushamadeed-e-Marahaba are a mix of Urdu and Persian.

Going by that, Shavaa would mean a cure, a recovery, and so the lines Ishq Shavaa, Mushq Shavaa, Khushamadeed-e-Marhaba would mean 'Love is there, fragrance is there, Welcome (them), welcome (them)'.

Basically the meaning here is that contrary to the proverb 'Ishq aur mushq chhupaye nahi chhupte', which means Love and Fragrance cannot be hidden, the poet here says that we should welcome, enjoy and rejoice love and fragrances, say, instead of even trying to hide them.

Thanks to the Anonymous commenter below for some light on the word Shava here.

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Anonymous said...

Ishq shava Mushq(k) shava: means if you fall in love every thing will be fragrant.

Shava: is a farsi/dari word not arabic means (become)
like: pyar hujaye.( Ishq shava)

mushq: alos an joint farsi/dari and arabic word means fragrance or perfume.

Unnati said...

this anonymous that had commented above me is wrong cuz ------

so, THANKS>>

Anonymous said...

If the word "shava" in the lyrics comes from farsi its more likely means "cure"
If you listen to the song the pronunciation is more close to farsi/arabic word "shafa" that means cure not "shavad" with meaning "become"
So i think ishq shava means love is the cure or something like love is the answer. In my oponion

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