Bekhauf Azad Hai Rehna Mujhe Lyrics Translation [Satymave Jayate Season 2]

Album: Satyamev Jayate Season 2
Music: Ram Sampath
Lyrics: Svati Chakravarty
Singer: Sona Mohapatra

Deewarein oonchi hai, galiyaan hai tang
Lambi dagar hai par himmat hai sang
Paanv pe chhaale hain, saansein buland
Ladne chali hoon azadi ki jung

The walls are high and streets are narrow,
the path is long but I've courage with me,
There are blisters on my feet, (but) breaths are high [as in, my morale is high]
I've started to fight the fight of freedom.

Bekhauf aazaad hai jeena mujhe
Bekhauf aazaad hai rehna mujhe

I've to live fearless, free.
I've to live fearless, free.

[Jeena is Hindi for live, as in, to stay alive, and rehna means to be, to live somewhere.]

Reeti ki zanjeerein kha gayi zang
Nyaay ke mandir bhi ho gaye bhang
Zamaana chale na chale mere sang
Bolungi halla, aawaz dabangg

The chains of traditions have been rusted,
and even the temples of justice have been broken.
whether the world moves with me or not,
I'll launch an attack, in a loud voice.

[Halla bolna has become synonymous with launching a verbal attack, often for a moral or ethical reason.]

Bekhauf azaad hai kehna mujhe
Bekhauff azaad hai rehna mujhe

I've to speak out fearless and free.
I've to live fearless, free.

Chotein jism par marham umang
Laash nahi hoon mann zinda patang
Dil mein ummeedein aur khushiyon ke rang
Har aansoo banega ik nayi tarang

There are wounds on my body, and enthusiasm is the ointment,
I am not a corpse, (instead) my heart is a living (flying) kite,
There are hopes in my heart and colors of joys,
every tear will become a new wave (of happiness)..

Haan.. bekhauf azaad hai behna hai mujhe
Bekhauff azaad hai rehna mujhe

Yeah, I've to flow, free and fearless.
I've to live free and fearless.

Deewarein unchi hain, galiyaan hain tang
Lambi dagar hai par himmat hai sang
Paaon pe chhaale hain, saansein buland
Ladne chali hoon aazaadi ki jung

Bekhof azaad hai jeena mujhe
Bekhoff azad hai rehna mujhe


Unknown said...

Hi this one is very sensitive and nice song sung by Sona Mohapatra and the whole song composed awesome but mainly the translation work done greatly keep going like this.

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meerakiki Personal Touch said...

its touch my heart when understand the lyrics.As mother to two teenage girls I can feel the hurt...

Aditi said...

Hi Harshit

thanks a mot for the translation of the song, very good job as always

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