Hungama Ho Gaya Lyrics Translation [Queen]

Movie: Queen
Music: Amit Trivedi. Original composition by Laxmikant-Pyarelal
Lyrics: Anvita Dutt, Original by Varma Malik
Singer: Asha Bhosle, Arijit Singh

Jaam bhi hai
Haan haan kaam bhi hai
Haaye haaye chori nahi
Sareaam bhi hai
Sab ne pee hai mujhe ilzaam kyun hai
Khamakha mera naam badnaam kyun hai

There is a drink too,
and there is some use (of it) too,
There is nothing in hiding,
it's done openly as well..
everyone has drunk, why am I blamed alone?
why is my name vilified for nothing?

Dekho na logo ne
Botalon ki botalein khatam kar di to kuchh na hua,
magar, magar
Maine hothon se lagaayi to..
Hungama ho gaya..
Hungama ho gaya, hungaamaa..
Hungaama ho gaya..

See, people have finished bottles after bottle,
and nothing happened, but
when I touched (the bottle) to my lips,
there was an uproar..
what a furore, uproar..
there was an uproar..

kisi aur ne pilayi to
hungama ho gaya

when someone else made me drink,
there was an uproar..

Goron ka toofan ye kehta hai
Hamein bhi bata kyun rehta hai
Gufaaon mein.. ye dil tera
sheeshe mein kahaan band rehta hai
Zubaan pe lage aur kehta hai
is gham ko bhi pee le
Jaane kyun tu kal dohraati hai
Kaisi tadap mein tu doob jaati hai

The storm of foreigners says to me
tell us too why this heart of yours
remains close in caves..
Why do you remain closed in glass,
it touches the tongue and says,
drink this sorrow too..
why do you repeat yesterday,
in what agony do you drown?

Maine hothon se lagayi to..
Hungama ho gaya aa aa aa aa..
Hungaama ho gaya hungaama ...
Hungaama ho gayaa..


Pavitra Gupta said...

Now that I am back at room after watching this movie, I want this song and on the top in google search, I see


Unknown said...

nive i love this song

Unknown said...

Some lyrics aren't there

SP said...

Great translation, thank you! Just a few comments:
- There is "zara" after "is gham ko bhee pee le"
- I am not sure if the English translation for "Sheeshe mein.." phrase is correct. I think the poet might be referring to the sharab itself jo sheeshe mein band hai, jo zabaan pe lage aur kahay is gham ko bhi pee lo.

Thanks again!

nandy said...

what a meaning of the song was explained in the lyrics
thank u soo much

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