Manasaayera Lyrics and translation | Vikramasimha (2014) |

Movie: Vikramasimha/Kochadaiiyaan
Music: A.R.Rahman
Lyrics: Vanamali
Manasaayera Manasaayera
Ninnu choodaka mathipoyera
Manasaayera Manasaayera
Ninnu choodaka mathipoyera
Madhirohalu modhalavuthunte madhi bhaaram thelisenu lona
Nannu vadhili ika neetho adugulu vesthuna

I felt like ( seeing you, being with you)
With out you I've turned mad
When feelings started in my heart, I could feel the weight of those
I started taking steps with you leaving myself.

Manasaayena Manasaayena?
Valaraju ke vala vesena!
Andham, makarandham kosare kanne aravindham, manthram vese ee mohanam
Cheli hoyalu chindhe sumagandham manasantha rasavantham ninnu minche sogasunnadha?
Tholi snehama, nannu cheruma Nee valapokati chaalika anubandhama
Oh pranayama priya hridhayama
Ika pai needhi ee janma
Nannu geluchuvaarevaranta?
Aa varamu neeke sonthamavvani.

Is it true you really did feel like being with me and so?
Trying to catch me or what?
Yours is true beauty, eyes are lotuses, enchanting is your way of attracting me
Your voluptuous curves fragrance out, my heart is filled with those fragrant juices, can anyone beat you in terms of beauty?
Oh my friend(ship), your hug is enough for me
Oh my love, lovely heart, my life belongs to you now
Who can win over me?
I would give that chance only for you.

Aadhi antham yedhi leni veerudemo ithadu
Ningi dhaati nela paiki cherukunna merupe sari jodu!!

He might be a warrior who has no beginning or end
A lightening which reacued the earth(you) would make a perfect pair for him.

Jaana raana chenthakinka raana ninnu panchukona
Dhooram inka kshanam kooda oppukunna
Naatukundhi mullai, munchuthundhi jallai 
Thaakuthunna choopai nannu nuvvu allei

Shall I come near to you? And share you
One more second away from you, it would prick me, drown me in some waterfalls
Twist around me as the gaze that would see me.

Aadhi antham | Repeat |

Andham makarandham | Repeat |

Manasaayera Manasaayera
Ninnu choodaka mathipoyera
Manasaayena Manasaayena?
Valaraju ke vala vesena!

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