Zaalima/ Zalima Lyrics Translation | Jal - Sonu Nigam

Movie: Jal
Music: Sonu Nigam, Bickram Ghosh
Lyrics: Sonu Nigam, Bickram Ghosh
Singer: Sonu Nigam

This is the translation for the song from the movie Jal. For the Raees song, go to

Zaalima tere tere bina zalima
Rootha rootha hai ye aasmaan
Sookhi sookhi zameen

O cruel one, without you, o cruel one,
this sky is angry,
and the earth is dry..

Zaalima tere mere tere darmiyaan
Itna to tha na faasla, jitna hai abhi

O cruel one, between you and me,
there wasn't so much distance, as it is now..

Bhoola bhoola khuda
Dhuaan dhuaan gulistaan
Cheekhein cheekhein sannate ki
Tujhse maange meri ulfat ka hisaab

God, as if He has forgot us.
smoking garden [as in, it's burned]
shouts of silence shout..
They ask you for account of my love..

Jal de, jal de
Jaldi, jal de
Jalne na de,
jal hi jal de

Give water, give water,
give water, soon.
Don't let it burn,
give lots of water.

rag rag mein jo beh raha
shola sa jo jal raha
bhookha dariya aankhon se uthe
jalte jalte jal jal se na jal jaaye..

what is flowing in the veins
which is burning like a fireball,
a hungry tide comes up in the eyes,
burning, this water shouldn't just get burned up..

[The lyricist here has used the word 'jal' quite interestingly here. The word jal means water, and also jal/jalna means to burn. Here both the meanings are used closely within one line itself, so it gives alliteration, but has two different meanings. This in Hindi is called Yamak.]

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