Nai Dungi Re Lyrics Translation [Gang of Ghosts]

Movie: Gang of Ghosts
Music: Dharam-Sandeep
Lyrics: Satish Kaushik
Singer: Roopmatii Jolly

This one is a completely retro looking black and white song where Mahi Gill seems to be copying Madhubala, and Chunky Pandey is trying to looking something of a Gurudutt. Either way, the song is an interesting one. The video is here too.

Nahi doongi, nahi dungi, nai dungi re
Dil apna fokat mein nai doongi re
Haan dil apna phokat mein nahi doongi re

I'll not give, I'll not give,
I won't give my heart for free,
yeah I won't give my heart for free..

Milta nahi kuchh jahaan mein
Free mein O mere anaadi

You don't get anything for free in this world,
O my dear newbie..

Dil chaahiye tujh ko mera
To de de ek flat aur ek gaadi
O mere rasiya rate hai is ka
Jo na dega tu to milega na chaska

If you want my heart,
give me a flat and a car,
O my dear, that is its rate,
if you don't give, you won't get its taste.

Nahi dungi, nahi doongi, nahi dungi la la la..
Phokat mein na dungi re

Mujh ko pataane chale ho
Mister pocket ko tatolo
Bank balance dekh lo ji
Phir aa ke I love you bolo
O mere balma is service ka
Tax na dega tu to milega na pichka.. muah..

You've come to persuade me,
Mister, first check your pockets.
See your bank balance too,
then come and say 'I love you'.
O my beloved, for this,
if you don't give the tax, you won't get the kiss.

Nai dungi, nai dungi, nahi dungi la la la..
Phokat mein na dungi re

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