Sweety Lyrics and translation | Race Gurram (2014) |

Movie: Race Gurram (2014)
Singer: Siddarth mahadevan
Lyrics: Chandrabose
Music: S.S.thaman

I'm a south Indian
I'm gonna tell you about a girl who is pretty
Oh oh oh richy
Her name is spandana
She got beautiful eyes and she is witty
Oh boy write down
She is gonna be my sweety

Oh my sweety!
Oh my sweety!

Zindhagi ni jolly ga neeku nacchinattuga neetilaga saagiponi
Hey oohaloni thelani, uppenalle pongani, gaali laaga ooregani
Hey face ki unna mask ni, theesi kottu nelani, choodu neelo original ni
Class lona mass ni, mass lona Class ni mix chesthe beauty honey!

Live life on your own terms happily and freely, like how water flows
Let (your life) travel/float in dreams, let it raise like wave, let it go around in air
Throw your mask away, see the original 'you'
Blending elements of mass and class is fun, oh beautiful!

Oh my sweety
Konchem maata vinave
Oh my sweety
Konchem dhaari thappave
Konchem kopaginchave
Life style maarchave, nee batch maarchave
Life ye Chaala Chaala short dhe
Every second ye enjoy cheyyave
Neetho Nuvvu fight cheyyave
Ninnu Nuvvu gelavave
Konchem freedom pondhave.

Oh my sweety, Kindly listen to me
Oh my sweety,Kindly go off the(your) track
Oh my sweety, show anger on me
Change your lifestyle and companions too!
Life is too short
Live every second to the fullest
Fight with yourself
Win over yourself
Ger freedom!

Chaalu chaalle chalaaki whitu naatu thupaaki paaripothaare lokamantha ninnu choosi
Konchem eelesi choodu
Peddha kekesi choodu
Nannu thittaina okkasaari thitti choodu
Inka neelo heart yentha light smooth sound

When people see you, oh milky white beauty, they would run away
Try to whistle
Scream and see
At least, scold me
You're soft/good at heart!

Oh my sweety | Repeat |

Woah, common break it down here
Yea, break it break it break it all

I was like let's find you girl in my mind
What makes you not to get on my back and my behind
In my heart, you're the baby angel if you find
And I don't want to waste my time driving live a line

Oh my sweety,
The way you talk make(s) me higher
Heart melts down in a go, thaka thayya
Don't get faded no no I'm not a player
Open your heart girl, I wanna stay here

Girl you're my sweety, open up
Girl you're my sweety, open up

Oh my sweety | Repeat |


Anonymous said...

hey guys dont u think it is "MEGHANA" instead of "SPANDHANA"?

Anonymous said...

enduku? is your name meghana?
hahahahah :D

Anonymous said...

besharam rahul
u may search in fb
n it's spandana

Anonymous said...

Nice work...I don't understand telgu got the meaning of the song....

Anonymous said...

Nice job dude and the name us correct spandana

Ramuhunterz said...

Ima south indyaan
m gonna tellubouta girl whoz pitty (pretty)
o o originalname is Spandana

she got beautiful eyes and shez sweety
Overradon shezgonna be my sweety... sweety

Anonymous said...

You r also thinking like me dude

Anonymous said...

A small mistake, it should be:

I'm gonna tell you about a girl who is pretty
O o o original name is Spandhana

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

luv u allu arjun am a big fan of u nd lso this song,dis song is evergreen for me

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