Aa Raat Bhar Jaayein na Ghar Lyrics Translation | Heropanti

Movie: Heropanti
Music: Sajid-Wajid
Lyrics: Kausar Munir
Singers: Arijit Singh, Shreya Ghoshal

Now this one is a song that sounds completely like Mukhtasar Mulaqaat hai, a Sajid-Wajid song from their earlier film, Teri Meri Kahani. Wondering why they remade their own music when the song was already so popular. Or maybe that's the reason.

Aa raat bhar.. aa raat bhar..
Jaayein na ghar.. jaayein naa ghar..
Hai saath tu.. Kya hai fikar
Jaayein na ghar.. aa raat bhar

Come all night, come all night,
let's not go home, let's not go home,
you're with me, what's the worry,
come, let's not go home all night..

Jaayein jahaan jahaan jahaan dil kare
Jaane kahaan kahaan kahaan phir milein
Is raat mein beete umar, saari umar
Aa raat bhar, jaayein na ghar

Let's go wherever the heart wishes to,
We don't know where again we'd meet.
Our life should pass in this night.
come, let's not go home all night..

Namkeeniyan hain, nazdeekiyaan hain
Rang hi rang hai nazaaron mein
Hansne lagi hoon, phansne lagi hoon
Armaan dil mein hazaaron hain

There is fun, there is closeness,
there are just so many colors in the scenery..
I'm laughing, I've begun to get entrapped,
there are thousands of wishes in my heart.

Kar paar de sabhi hadein
Gale lagein kabhi nahi hone dein sehar
Is raat mein beete umar, saari umar..

Let's cross all limits,
Let's embrace and not let the morning ever come,
Our life should pass in this night, all our lives..

Aa raat bhar..


Keshav said...

Thanx fr uploading..

Anonymous said...

AA raat bhar jaaye na ghar with Kriti Sanon Hot

Anonymous said...

Awesome song

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