Chal Lade re Bhaiya Lyrics Translation|Revolver Rani

Movie: Revolver Rani
Music: Sanjeev Srivastava
Lyrics: Puneet Sharma
Singer: Piyush Mishra

Chal ladein re bhaiya din nikla
Chal laden re bhaiya dhoop khili
Chal lade re bhaiya shaam dhali
Chal lade re bhaiya raat chadhi

Come let's fight brother, it's morning.
Come let's fight brother, there is strong sun.
Come let's fight brother, the evening is here.
Come let's fight brother, it's night.

Ye shauk hamaara aisa to
Is shauk mein shaad o shokhi hai..
Sab shauk doosre feeke hain
Sab bin tadke ki lauki hain
Jo ladta hai, wo jeeta hai
Jo ladta hai, wo marta hai
Jo nahi ladaa wo subah shaam
Saanson ki ginti karta hai..

This hobby of ours is such,
that there is joy and wantonness in it.
All other hobbies are dull,
they are all gourd preparations without spice garnishing.
The one who fights, lives.
The one who fights, dies.
The one who does not fight,
just counts his breaths day and night.

Raah mein apni machhli taire
Aaja saagar todein
Ladte ladte saansein lein aa
Ladte ladte chhodein..

On our path, there be fish swimming,
come, let's break the sea.
Come, let's breathe as we fight,
and die fighting too..

Chal ladein re bhaiya...

Saanson mein hi daudta rahega kya khoon
Rotiyaan hi ye todta rahega kya khoon
Aankhon mein nahi jo utra lahu agar
Laal hai ya peela ye kaise padegi khabar
Kaise padegi khabar

Will this blood keep running in breaths?
Will this blood just keep on eating (and do nothing)?
If the blood can't be seen in the eyes,
how would you know whether it's red or yellow?
How would you know?

Agar jeena hai aise to maroge bhi to kya
Khoon ko bacha ke saale karoge bhi to kya
Ha ha ha
Khoon ka to dahi bhi nahi hai jamta
Is ko kal kal beh jaane do
Is mein jal thal beh jaane do

If you have to live like that, then what's there in your death?
[as in, you're already dead.]
Having saved your blood, what will you really do?
You cannot even make curd of blood (unlike milk)..
Let it flow freely.
Let water and earth flow with it.

Chal ladein re bhaiya..

Lado lado lado lado re..
Ga ma pa ni sa
Ga ma pa ni sa..

Fight, fight, fight, fight, oh..
[Indian classical musical notations.]

Bistar tode ghanton hum ne
Ab aa chal maathe todein

We have been on beds for hours,
come let's break foreheads now.

[literally he says we have broken the beds for hours now, and in Hindi, bistar todna, which should literally mean to break bed, means to be lazy, as in remain in the bed.]

Ladte ladte saansein lein aa
Ladte ladte chhodein

Chal ladein re bhaiya..

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