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Dard Dilon ke kam ho jaate,
Main aur tum gar hum ho jaate..

Himesh Reshammiya is back with this simple, wonderful song in his upcoming movie The Xpose. However, while Himesh is acting the song out, and it's him who has composed the song too, BUT he is NOT the singer there.

Yes, the extremity to which Himesh goes for success is not his weight-loss, but getting Mohd Irfan to sing a song that is picturized on him. As much as I have observed the madness of Himesh (pardon my language, fans), it must have been a really tough thing for him to do. And yet, accepting the fact that there are people so against his voice they would reject a good song just because he sings there, he gets a different voice to sing for him.

The good part of this whole story is that the song is no doubt going to be a blockbuster, and would be cherished by his fans as well as those who hate his voice.

[We don't yet know if there is a version of the song that is sung by Himesh as well. But then to see Himesh in the video with Irfan doing playback for him was motivation enough for this post.]


Anonymous said...

That's funny. But I guess it shows that Himesh can be objective and face criticism.

I personally don't think that his voice is that bad. I liked that song of his from Radio... rafa dafa kiya nahi jaye... he sang it well.

But I don't know why he keeps making films with him as the main actor. Radio was good but Damadamm was a disaster. So I don't think that getting someone else to sing for him is going to save the film. He just cant act and he needs to face that.

Harshit Gupta said...

Ah, why are you Anonymous?

Yes, I love Rafa dafa too. Radio gave me hope, but it all went back after that. But then it's not about saving the film. Instead, it's about saving the song. And irrespective of how Himesh would have sung it, the version right now is really good.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I posted as anonymous because I couldn't get my openId to work. It's working now.

If the song is working as is, then I guess Himesh made a good decision.

Ali Zafar is a singer too but in movies he doesn't sing all the songs and they are picturized on him. So Himesh is not the first one to do this.

Samriddhi said...

Same is with Ayushmaan Khuraana

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