Thaayn/ Thaayein Kare Katta Lyrics Translation | Revolver Rani

Movie: Revolver Rani
Music: Sanjeev Srivastava
Lyrics: Puneet Sharma
Singer: Piyush Mishra

Thaayein kare katta yahan dhakk dhani se
Chaaku ghuse chhaati mein phakk dhani se
Ghatna ke ghodon ki taap suno ji
Ye kahaani hai kya mere baap suno ji

The local gun shoots here suddenly,
The knife goes into the chest in speed,
Listen to the sound of steps of horses of the event,
what is this story, listen to it my dear..

[mere baap means my father, but one is not to take the literal meaning here. Instead, it's like someone is irritated and hence calling the other guy mere baap.]

Raade-baaz.. Raadebaaz yahaan raani thaame revolver
Wo bhaaga.. Wo bhaga Romeo bechaara dil le ke apne haath par

fighting raani here holds revolver..
see, there runs poor Romeo with his heart in his hand..

[raada means a fight, an issue, and raadebaaz is someone who keeps on getting into fights.]

Revolver rani ko chadhi hai jawaani
Mome ka hai moda uske ishq ki nishaani

Revolver Raani has found new youth,
A stool of wax is the symbol of his love..

Aakdi se hekdi ko khench ke nikal le
Arey goli maar kar ke poochhe kaise haal chaal re
Maut ka yahaan jabar strike rate hai
Giddh aur cheel sabhi over-weight hai
Chaand jaise, thobde pe, chechakon ke daag hai
Ishq waali baalti mein husn waale suraakh hain

The one who pulls the arrogance out in a stroke,
Who shoots and then asks how you are.
The strike rate of death is high here..
All vultures are overweight here.
There are marks of smallpox on face [as beautiful] as moon
There are holes of beauty in the bucket of love..

Raadebaz yahaan rani thaame revolver
Wo bhaga Romeo bechara dil leke apne hath par
Revolver rani ko chadhi hai jawaani
Mom ka hai moda uske ishq ki nishaani

Peeth par bhi chhaatiyan hain
Chhaati pe bhi peeth hai
Sawaal pooch ke dekhiye jawaab eent hai
Aisi tragedy ke aage Guide flop hai
Itne daag hain yahaan ki Tide flop hai
Adventure hi samajh ke kood jaana bhool hai
Aa hi jaao nark mein jo koodne ki chool hai

There are chests on backs,
and back on chest too.
Try and ask the question, the answer is a brick.
In front of such a tragedy, even guide is flop here.
There are so many blots here that Tide is flop here.
[Tide is a popular detergent powder which claims to whiten clothes really well.]
Just thinking it's adventure, it's idiocy to jump in here.
Come only if you're mad enough to jump into hell.

Radebaz yahaan rani thaame revolver
Woh bhaga Romeo bechara dil leke apne hath par
Revolver rani ko chadhi hai jawaani
Mom ka hai moda uske ishq ki nishaani

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