Mere Naal Tu Whistle Baja Lyrics Translation|HeroPanti - Tiger Shroff

Movie: Heropanti
Music: Manj Musik
Lyrics: Raftaar
Singer: Nindy Kaur, Raftaar

Mere naal tu Whistle Baja,
Baby ni toh ban meri lady,
Kyu tu kare mujhe crazy soniye,
Love karda tenu daily,
Le java tera haath fad ke,

Whistle with me,
Baby, come, be my lady
Why do you make me crazy, O beautiful,
I love you everyday,
I would take you holding your hand..

Ki sochega saara jamaana,
Haath tere main ni aana,
Dar lagta hai mujhe kar ke bahaana,
Tune mujhe chhad jaana.
O Gal na kar tu chad ne ki,
Plan hai ghodi chadhne di,
Paas mein aa zara hoth mila aur,
mere naal tu Whistle Baja,

What would the whole world think,
I don't have to come in your hands,
I am afraid that you'll make some excuse,
and leave me and go.
Don't talk about leaving,
I am planning to get married to you.
Come close, match your lips with mine
and with me, whistle.

[Hoth milaana here has a dual meaning. It's clear he's asking the girl to kiss him, but at the same time it can be considered like matching steps, as he completes the sentence in whistle with me, as I whistle.]

Tu kyun pareshaan hai baby,
Hum aap ki jaan hain baby,
Aaj hai mauka pakad le kas ke,
Nai to tera nuskaan hai baby..
Are meri class mein aaja,
Seekh le pyaar ki A.B.C.D,
Sau mein se sau le le,
Bas hoth mila ke baja de seeti,

Why are you troubled O baby,
I am your life, O baby,
Today's is your chance, you should hold it tight,
else you'll be in loss baby..
Come to my class,
learn the ABCD of love..
Take hundred out of hundred,
and match lips and whistle..

So, whistle, now whistle,
Everybody in the party now whistle..

Ho nach le mere naal tu nach le,
Dil mera tu hi rakh le soniye,
Rehna mundeyon to bachke,
Jede tere piche padge ne..

Come dance, dance with me.
You keep my heart, O beautiful,
And beware of guys,
who are behind you now..

Na na maine hatth ni aana,
Maine bas tera ban jana,
Nai milna mujhe du gal kar ke,
Tere verga deewana

No, I won't come in anyone's hands,
I just have to be yours.
Whatever I do, I won't get anyone
mad for me like you are..

aarzoo kuch karne ki,
Thodi aage badhne ki,
Paas mein aa zara honth mila aur,
mere naal tu Whistle Baja

The wish to do something,
to move a bit ahead,
Come close, match your lips and,
with me, just whistle..


Laila said...

I thought that the "hoth mila" was less about matching his steps and more about bringing her lips together just a little so she can whistle. At least, that's how the line read to me?

Pavitra Gupta said...

Laila.. wud you teach me how to bring those lips of yours close to that of mine?

Ayushi said...

Awesum song...
Tiger ROCKzzz...

Ayushi said...


Anonymous said...

I am glad this translation is there.
I would have guessed "Le java tera haath fad ke," meaning that I will tear off your hand from your body and take it with me.

Anonymous said...

Omg!!!! This is my favourite song of 2014
Tiger Rocks♥♡★☆°▪○•●◇□◆

Anonymous said...

The Fantastic song of tiger Shroff with Kriti Sanon Hot

Heena Akram said...

Omg Tiger is sooo mine coz i lyk a guy that looks like himm hz sooo pifff

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! That's the funniest mistranslation I've read. I wonder what the song would be about it that was the literal translation.

Anonymous said...

Cool song... whenever i hear it i feel like dancing... :-)

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