Akal Maari Issak Taari Lyrics Translation | 'I'

Movie: I
Music: A R Rahman
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singers: Nakash Aziz, Neeti Mohan
Music label: T-Series

Rabba Rabba..
Dekhi aisi item chhori
Kachchi kachchi si kori-kori
Smile ruke na dekha usey jo
apun ki gayi re
Akal maari akal maari akal maari..
Issak taari isak taari..
Issak taari, issak taari

Oh god,
I saw such an awesome girl
all young and fresh
that when I saw her, my smile couldn't stop
And I lost my brains,
Lost my brains, Lost them..
Falling in love, falling in love..

Ishaq taari, ishak taari..

Aye kaale tave pe gore omelett si
Apun ki wo kaali aankhon mein yoon chamke
Parbat pe jaise ho baraf
yaaron baithi seene mein wo aise jam ke
thikane pe ye dil naa
Mila re saahil naa
Akal maari, akal maari, akal maari

Like a white omelette on a black pan
She shines in my black eyes
As if snow on a mountain..
She's Stuck in my heart in such a way
That my heart is not in control
And I am not getting a shore..
I've lost my brains..

Hai chaabi meri wo, main to hoon taala
Aur wo hai coffee, wo hai chaay
main khaali pyaala
Apun ko garam kare beraham
Lo zero se main Hero dekho ho gaya saala
Maarun main lishkaare..
YeDay se lagein saare..

She's my key and I am a lock
She's coffee, she is tea,
And I'm just an empty cup..
The merciless one, she makes me hot
See I have become Hero from zero
I Twinkle..
And all my actions look idiotic..

Dekhi aisi item chhori
Kachchi-kachchi si kori-kori
Smile ruke na dekha usey
jo apun ki gayi re
Akalmari, akalmari, akalmaari..
Issak taari, isaq taari..


Anonymous said...

Nice Song ... Rahman's back with his traditional style and catchy beats .

a2zZuhaib_love said...

whats mean of kori kori

Anonymous said...

Nice song

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