Endhuko Endhuko lyrics and translation | Gopala Gopala (2015)

Movie: Gopala Gopala
Cast: Venkatesh, Pawan kalyan
Music:Anup Rubens
Lyrics:Chandra bose

singer: Kailash kher

Pilli manaku yedhuru padithe panulu yevi jaragavanta
Manam pillikedhuru padithe karma kaali chacchunanta
Balli paluku sathyamanta
Balli padithe dhosham anta
Nakka thoka luck oo anta
Nakka arupu mruthyuvanta

It is considered a bad omen if a cat crosses your path
If we ourselves run into a cat, things would end up so bad
They say that a lizard speaks truth
If the very lizard falls on you, it's considered
Stepping on fox's tail is considered as luck
Where as, fox's scream or cry is considered a sign of death
Why is this?
What is this for?

Yendhuko Yendhuko rendu kaallu manaku mukhyamantu, khudi kaallu mukhyamantu mooda nammakaalu yendhuko?
Yendhuko Yendhuko jeeva raasulanni dhaivam antu, janthu balulu inka yendhuko?
Neelona dhairyam undaga, dhaaraalu Yendhuko?
Aathma shakthi undaga, thaayatthulendhuko?
Chethale cheyyaka, rangu raallu, Ungaraallu Yendhuko

They say both legs are equally important and still would consider it auspicious stepping in with right leg
They say all the living creatures(animals) are to respected and are important, but these religious sacrifices would still happen
If you're brave enough, what's the need of religious threads
When you've self confidence, what's the point in wearing religious bands
By doing no work, why would you want to leave that to stones, rings etc(would that be of any use??)

Perukemo mangalavaaram, panulakemo amangalam
Sani unnaa sanivaaram, jaruputhaaru subha kaaryam
Bandi lona vandhalaadhi parikaraalu unna kaani intha nimmakaaya paina anthuleni viswasam Yendhu Yendhu Yendhu Yendhu Yendhukendhuko

By name Tuesday is considered auspicious, but isn't considered auspicious for doing things
Saturday has 'bad omen' in it, but is considered best for occasions
You've hell of lot of things out there, but a small lemon is believed so much than anything else.

Yendhuko Yendhuko bhoomi banthilaaga thiruguthunte, dhikkulanni maaruthunte, vaasthu nammakaalu Yendhuko
Yendhuko Yendhuko Nuvvu dhrushti kaastha maarchukunte dhishti bommalu inka Yendhuko
Sulaalu noti lopala gucchedhi Yendhuko
Paalanni putta lopala posedhi Yendhuko
Sootiga yeppudu nadavaka, inka
nippuloni nadaka Yendhuko

Earth is round, and the directions would change accordingly, still this Vaasthu sasthra( science of buildings) is being practiced
Changing your Vision would help instead of keeping an 'ward of the evil eye'
Why is this trident being poked into  tongue ?
Why is the milk being wasted on an ant hill (where snakes live)
Be straightforward instead of walking on fire

Oh Mora govindh gopaala makkan churaake, makkan churaake khaave
Oh Mora govindh gopaala makkan churaake, makkan churaake khaave
Oh gopaaluda nanda gopaaluda
Oh Mora govindh gopaala makkan churaake, makkan churaake khaave

Go go go gopaala

Lord Krishna had stolen butter and had it..!
Oh lord Krishna!

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