Daak Ticket Lyrics Translation | Hawaizaada

Movie: Hawaizaada
Music: Rochak Kohli
Lyrics: Vibhu Puri
Singers: Mohit Chauhan, Javed Bashir
Featuring: Ayushmann Khurrana
Music Label: T-Series

Rakh sar tera haath fakeera
Raahon ka tu hi wazeera
Karde patthar bhi heera ho..

Put your hand on my head, O saint,
you are the king of the roads,
you can turn stone into diamond..

Chhoo ke haathon ki lakeerein
Badleen tune taqdeerein
Tu hai koi peer fakeera ho..

just by touching the lines of the palms
you changed the fortunes,
you are some great saint, O..

Ho shaan mein shaan mein chalengi topein
Tope wo sarkari hogi
Arrey dekhna ek din naam ki apne
Daak ticket jaari hogi

in my respect, there will be canons fired,
and that canon will be a government one..
you’ll see, one day there will be
a postal stamp in my name..

Daak ticket jaari hogi, hey..

Sooraj ke saath jab aayenge
Khaari khasta bun maska
Chanda ji ko bhi lagayenge
Cutting chai ka chaska
Aasmaan ki shelf se
Taare hum utaarenge
Bana ke laalten unhein
Darwaaze pe taangenge..

when snacks and bun-n-butter
will come in the morning..
and evenings will be addicted to
cutting tea.. (a famous tea from Mumbai)
we’ll pluck stars
from the shelf of sky,
and hang them on the door
as a lantern..

Daak ticket jaari hogi
Rakh sar tera haath fakeera
Raahon ka tu hi wazira
Kar de patthar bhi heera ho..

Daak ticket jaari hogi

Chhu ke haathon ki laqeerein
Badli tune taqdeerein
Tu hai koi Peer faqira ho..

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Unknown said...

Really a great song. Lyrics are just beautiful and have a little deep meaning and really very inspirational.

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