Shaitaniyan Lyrics Translation | Badmashiyan

Movie: Badmashiyaan
Music: Bobby-Imran
Lyrics: Shabbir Ahmed
Singer: Ankit Tiwari
Label: Zee Music Company

Shab ki baahon mein so jaaye subah
Khwabon ko tere palkon pe doon sajaa

let the morning sleep in the night’s arms
I’ll adorn the dreams on your eyelids..

Goonje saanson mein teri hi sadaa
Main lafz tera tu hai meri zubaan
Shaitaaniyaan raat bhar kar le aa toot kar
Badmaashiyaan raat bhar kar le aa toot kar

in my breaths, your call only echoes,
I’m your word and you are my tongue..
come, let’s have fun all night, passionately,
come, let’s be mischievous all night, with all our strength..

Milna tera.. milna mera..
Milna tha kismat mein likha
Manzil bhi thi meelon judaa
Raahein mili jo tu milaa

our meeting, yours and mine,
was written in the fate,
even the destination was miles away..

Shaitaniyaan raat bhar kar le aa toot kar
Badmashiyan raat bhar kar le aa toot kar

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