Needhe Needhe Lyrics and Translation | Gopala Gopala (2015)

Movie: Gopala Gopala (2015)
Cast: Venkatesh, Pawan kalyan
Music:Anup Rubens
Lyrics:Anantha sriram

Brahmma la nene ninnu
Bomma la nuvve nannu puttinchaavanukona?
Nammukuntundho? Navvukuntundho? Yemi antundho nee bhaavana?
Thom thakita thaka tharikita tharikita

As lord brahmma should I think that I've created you?
Or I should consider you giving life to me as an idol
What would your instincts say?
They would believe that?
Or would they laugh at that?

Needhe needhe prashna needhe
Needhe needhe badhulu needhe

Question is yours
And you're the one to answer

Nee dheham lo praanam la velige kaanthi naa navve ani
Nee gundello palike naadham naa pedhavi pai murali ani
Thelusuko galige thelivi Neekundhe
Theralu tholagisthe velugu vasthundhe
Thom thakita thaka tharikita tharikita

The soul within you is nothing but my smile
Heartbeat of yours is nothing but sound of my flute
You're smart enough to know that
Move the veil and light rays would fall in place

Needhe needhe swapnam needhe
Needhe needhe sathyam needhe

Dream is yours
Reality is also yours
(You're the dream and reality too)

Maula mere maula mere....(repeat)
Aye khuda...
Maula mere maula mere


Yekkadekkadekkadani dhikkulani thirigithe ninnu Nuvvu choodagalava?
O rabba!
Karunatho karigina madhi mandhiramuna koluvai Nuvvu leva?
O rabba!
Akkadakkadakkadani neeli ningi thadimithe ninnu Nuvvu thaakagalava
O rabba!
Chelimina panchaga chaachina cheyyi vaithe dhaivam Nuvvu kaadha?
Aye khuda!
Thom thakita thaka tharikita tharikita

Like a nomadic, searching every nook and corner wouldn't show who you're! Would it?
You're right at the temple of kindness(your heart), isn't it?
Touching sky and earth wouldn't let you touch yourself
If you extend your hand to help or support, aren't you the god?

The above paragraph stresses on the fact that "god is within you!"

Needhe needhe dharmam needhe
Needhe needhe marmam needhe

Rules by which the world runs are yours
Magic is yours

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