Gali Gali mein Shor hai Meaning

'Gali Gali mein shor hai', literally there is noise in every street, is part of a common Hindi phrase which most ends with a rhyming line 'XYZ chor hai'. Now XYZ can be any person or organisation which the people shouting the lines are trying to protest against.

XYZ chor hai means XYZ is a thief. And thus the entire line goes like, there is a noise in every street, that XYZ is a thief. This is generally a part of protests against politicians or anyone corrupt, or may even be something else politically motivated.

Rumi Jaffrey's movie Gali Gali mein Shor hai is a political satire too.


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Love dis song :-D L.O.L. Thxs 4 da translation.

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Luv india lol ;-) :-P

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