Dushman Mera: Lyrics, Translation (Don 2, Shankar, Sunitha Sarathy)

Movie: Don 2
Music: Shankar Ehsaan Loy
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
Singers: Shankar Mahadevan, Sunitha Sarathy

Koi jaane na
Yeh kaisi aag hai
Mere dil ko dasta
Yeh kaisa naag hai
Har ghadi, main jisko dhoondun
Bachke na jaayega
Haan kahin, na kahin toh ik din
Mujhe mil hi jaayega
Dushman mera

Nobody knows,
how's this fire..
biting my heart-
how's this snake..
Whom I look for every moment,
will not go unscathed..
yeah, somewhere, one day,
I'll get him..
My enemy..

Mujhe dhoondhna, aasaan hai kahaan
Zameen dekh lo, ya aasmaan
Main ik pal yahan, main ik pal hoon wahan
Nahin paaoge, mera nishaan
Jo koi bhi, mujhko dhoonde
Woh kuch naa paayega
Dil mein hi, woh, dil ke armaan
Wapas le jaayega
Samjhe zara, dushman mera

When is it easy to find me,
see the earth, or the sky,
I am here one moment and there another moment..
You'll not get, my sign..
whoever finds me,
will get nothing..
he'll take back the wishes of his heart
in his heart only..
my enemy should understand that..

In aankhon mein hai, jaane kaisi jwala
Is ko mat bujhne dena, sun lo mera kehna
Gusse mein kitni, tum dilkash lagti ho
Jab tak bhi reh pao tum, gusse mein hi rehna

In these eyes, some unknown fire is there..
don't let it die, listen to me..
How charming you look in anger,
as long as you can, stay angry..

Mera gussa toh, dekhoge ek din
Mere dil mein kya hai, jaanoge ek din
Tumse, main, itna keh doon
Woh din jab aayega
Dil mein hi, woh, dil ke armaan
Wapas le jaayega
Samjhe zara, dushman mera

One day you'll see my anger,
What's in my heart, you'll know one day..
I'll say this much to you,
when that day will come,
it'll take back the wishes of its heart
in its heart only..
my enemy should understand that..

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Anonymous said...

Can you please post the song 'Ishq Hothon Se' from 'Jo Hum Chahein' and its translation. I just love that song like anything.
Plzz Plzz.

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