Ranga Re Lyrics Translation | Fitoor

Movie: Fitoor
Music: Amit Trivedi
Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire
Singers: Sunidhi Chauhan, Amit Trivedi
Label: Zee Music Company

bheegi bheegi hain chaahatein
bheeni bheeni hai raat
main rang ban ke pighli hoon tere saath

the love is a little wet,
and the night is soft-fragrant,
I have become color, and melted with you..

ranga re
o dil ranga re
tere rang ranga re
teri rooh mein main ghul gayi

It's colored,
the heart is colored,
it's colored in your color,
I am dissolved in your soul..

teri gehri saanson mein kho gaye ehsaas
main rang ban ke behti hoon tere haath

my feelings are lost in your deep breaths,
I flow from your hands, becoming color..

ranga re
o dil ranga re
tere rang ranga re
teri rooh mein main ghul gayi

tujhe naseebon se main chura loon
tujhe apni saanson mein main jagah doon
teri rag rag mein aaj beh ke
main mere fun ko jila doon, main jila doon

I wish to steal you from the fate
I'd give you place in my breaths,
I'd flow in every vein of yours
and make my * alive..

hoke teri zulfon se utre raat
rok loon ye lamha
ke tere honThon se chhoo ke aaj
chhoo loon aag

the night gets down from your hair,
I'd stop this moment..
I wish to touch your lips
and thus touch the fire

main rangaa re
o haan main rangaa re
tere rang rangaa re
tere jism mein main ghul gaya

I am colored,
colored in your color..
I am dissolved into your body..

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