Dil Le Gayi Kudi Gujarat Di Lyrics Translation | Sweetie Weds NRI

Movie: Sweetie Weds NRI
Music: Jaidev Kumar
Lyrics: Late Shyam Bhateja, Dr Devendra Kafir
Singers: Jasbir Jassi, Sonia Sharma, Akasa Singh, Rap by: KD
Music Label: T-Series

move your body!
let’s party!

saara din soye
full night ye jaage
haye lagdi ae rani raat ki
dil le gayi kuRi...

She sleeps all day
and remains awake all night,
she seems to be a night-blooming jasmine,
the girl took my heart...

dil le gayi
dil dil le gayi

she took my heart!

dil le gayi kuRi gujarat ki
o dil le gayi kuRi..

The girl from Gujarat took my heart,
the girl took my heart...

move your body!
let’s party!
move your body!

hey! kem chho?
majaa maa chho!

Hey! How are you?
Having fun.

[These are very standard and well-known Gujarati greetings.]

aaja re aaja chhori sun mera haal
party mein busy rahoon main to pura saal
DaDDy ji rahein full pareshan mere te
mummy ji bole ghar aaja mere laal
I don’t wanna go home kyunki I’m Talli
poori botal piye bina mile na tasalli
aise mein tu hi bata kaun jaye ghar
baby tere jaisi kuRi jab mil jaye kalli

Come O girl, listen to my condition,
I remain busy with parties all year long.
My father is very upset,
and my mother says come home O kid.
I don't want to go home because I'm stoned,
I don't get peace without having a full bottle,
tell me who'd go home in such a situation,
when a girl like you is found alone.

tu bas bol de jo kem chho kem chho
sun ke heart wali beat baRh jaati ae
aankhon mein aankhein Daal ke jo pila de peg
by god daaru ye Double chaRh jaati ae...

If you say 'kem chho' to me,
my heartbeat goes up.
if you give me a peg looking into my eyes,
by God, this liquor intoxicates doubly.

night club jaa ke kare jadon dance
munDe ankhaan vich ankhaan paake karde romance
o jadon kardi aa dance
o munDe karde romance

when she goes to the night club and dances,
guys look into her eyes and romance her.
when she dances,
guys romance her.

ho kabhi lagti o rum
kabhi J├Ągerbomb
kabhi botal desi sharab ki
o dil le gayi kuRi oye..

Sometimes she seems to be rum,
Sometimes she seems to be J├Ągerbomb
and sometimes a bottle of local liquor.
The girl took my heart...

dil le gayi!
dil dil le gayi!

dil le gayi kuRi gujarat ki
o dil le gayi kuRi..

move your body!
dil le gayi!
let’s party!
dil dil le gayi!

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