Aisa Rudra Sa Lyrics Translation | Baahubali 2

There has been a lot of talk about the theme song that runs in the background in the movie Baahubali 2 — The Conclusion, whenever there is an action scene of Amarendra (and in some cases, Mahendra) Baahubali. So here are the lyrics of the two lines (which are probably the same in both Hindi and Telugu versions, I have seen them both) and their meaning.

(hai) aisa, rudra sa,
hai sarvatra samudra sa.

The meaning is that, he is such, like rudra (Rudra is the Rigvedic God of Hunt and Storm, also considered as Shiva in many places, but nonetheless considered fierce), he is there everywhere, like the sea.

The initial 'hai' may or may not be there, as it's not too clear by the rendition, but then it really does not change anything in the meaning, so you can hum it the way you have been. Yep, you are not alone. Everyone comes out of the cinema hall humming this one. :)

Oh, and if anyone from Team Baahubali is reading this script, please, please release the background score of the film. It's beautiful.

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