Hawa Hawa Ae Hawa Khushbu Luta De Lyrics Translation | Hasan Jehangir

Album: Hawa Hawa
Music: Mehboob Ashraf
Singer: Hassan Jahangir, Chorus: Nahid and Salma Sisters
Label: T-Series / Tips Music

Hawa Hawa was a very popular song of Hassan Jahangir from 1989, which was released in India as well. Here are the lyrics of the song along with translation, and a pic of the 1989 T-Series cassette cover as well.

hawa hawa, ae hawa
khushboo luTa de
kahaan khuli, haan khuli
zulf bataa de,

Wind, O Wind,
fly your fragrance away,
and tell me,
where she opened her hair.

ab uska pataa de,
zara mujhko bata de,
main us se miloonga,
ik baar milaa de,
yaar mila de,
dildaar mila de...

now give me her whereabouts,
let me know.
I'll meet her,
just let me meet her once.
Get me to meet my beloved,
get me to meet the one who gave me her heart.

phir kisi ke chehre kaa rang khil gayaa
bichhRaa hua aaj koi usko mil gayaa
kaise mil gayaa, kahaan mil gayaa?
hamne to DhoonRh liyaa saaraa zamaanaa...

once again, the color of someone's face bloomed,
s/he today found a someone who was lost.
How did s/he find? Where did s/he find?
We searched the entire world for him/her...

hawa hawa...

zindagi ki dhoop ko saayaa kar gayi
aaj mere paas se wo guzar gayi
usne jo kahaa, tumne hi sunaa
ye baat aur kisi ko na bataanaa

In life, she made shade of sun,
when she passed by me today.
what she said, you alone heard,
don't tell this to anyone else.

hawa hawa...

Listen to the song on Saavn.

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