Jhumri Telaiya Lyrics Translation | Jagga Jasoos

Movie: Jagga Jasoos
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Neelesh Misra
Singers: Mohan Kanan, Arijit Singh
Music Label: T-Series

mera gaanv jhumri telaiya hai
tera gaanv shayad TimbukTu
jinko milna hota milte hain
chaahe phir ho jaayein uRan-chhoo

[Jhumri Talaiya or Jhumri Telaiya is a town from Jharkhand, popularized by an unusual number of song requests on radio programs, and then by its mention in movies and a Sudesh Bhosle parody album.]

My village is Jhumri Telaiya,
your village is probably Timbuktu.
those who have to meet, eventually meet,
even if they fly away and go missing.

kismat se Takraaye hum dono
koi qissa hoga to shuru

we have fought the fate,
some story will begin for sure.

duniya ye thoRi thoRi hai behtar lage
dil ke naukar-chaakar lage
jhuk ke poochhein kya hai aarzoo

the world seems a bit better now,
the heart has got some servants,
they bow and ask what my wish is.

mera ghar tapta registaan hai
tera ghar shayad north pole
lekin mil jaayenge ghumantu
teri meri duniya golamgol...

my house is a hot desert,
your house, probably North Pole,
but we, travelers, will meet,
your and my world is all round.

tere honThon pe main rakh jaaunga
apne kuch khaTTe meeThe bol

I'll leave some sweet and sour words of mine
on your lips.

duniya ye thoRi thoRi hai behtar lage
dil ke naukar chaakar lage
jhuk ke poochein kya hai aarzoo...

aarzoo... aarzoo...

desire... desire...

guzra*, sarphira
chaand se main gira
thaamkar jo sira
kuchh tera kuch mera

passed, madcap,
I fell from the moon.
holding which end,
some yours and some mine.

duniya ye thoRi thoRi hai behtar lage
milke khone ka Dar lage
jaana bhi to phir se aana tu

this world seems better little by little,
there is fear of losing after meeting,
even if you go, come back...

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