Main Happy Happy Hoon Lyrics Translation | Blackmail

Movie: Blackmail (2018)
Music: Badshah
Lyrics: Badshah
Singers: Badshah, Aastha Gill
Music Label: T-Series

winter ka maheena
us par tujh jaisi haseena
bolo phir mera dil
kyun na ho slip baby?

It's a month of winter,
and a beauty like you on top of it,
then say, why shouldn't my heart slip, baby?

aaya jo paseena tujhe
chhooTa hai paseena mera
jaane de di kaisi tune...
trip trip trip

when you sweated,
I was sweating (out of anxiety),
what kind of a trip you have given me...

main uRne lagi hoon high high high
hua tujhse connection jaise free ka wifi
sabko kar diya maine bye bye bye
aa tujhse mil ke kyun tell me why why why
main happy happy hoon

I'm flying high,
as if I got a free wifi connection to you.
I've said by bye to everyone.
come, tell me why after meeting you,
I'm all happy.

pyaar mein kya paR gaya
duniya se main laR gaya
tujhko tha phansaana jaanam
main khud hi phans gaya
ab scene thoRa sad hai
little bit ye bad hai
koi kisi ka baby
time sab ka dad hai

Once I fell in love,
I seemed to fight the world.
I had to just trap you,
and I'm trapped now.
now the scene is a little sad,
it's a little bad,
no one is for anyone baby,
Time is bigger than them all.

ik dooje ke pichchhe babu
ghoomein round and round hum
phaT gaye underwear baby
ho gaye underground hum
phaila dekho raaita
na koi sahaayata
phir bhi munh pe smile rakh ke
baby gaaye jaa
main happy happy hoon

we go round and round behind one another,
even our underwears were torn,
we went underground.
see, this condition has gone so bad,
and there is no help,
and yet, keep a smile on your lips,
and keep singing,
that I'm all happy.

jab karta aisi baatein tu hifi fi
lage mujhe baRa cutiepie pie pie
sachchi muchchi baby no lie lie lie
mujhe nahi pata tell me why why why
but main happy happy hoon
main happy happy hoon

when you talk such big things,
you look very cute to me.
that's true baby, there is no lie in it.
I don't know why,
but I'm very happy.

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