Tere Naino Wali Bhasha/ Naina Lyrics Translation | Rahul Mishra

Song: Naina
Music Producer: Abhijit Vaghani
Music Composer: Rahul Mishra
Lyrics: Rahul Mishra
Singer: Rahul Mishra
Label: Universal Music India

tere nainon ki ye baatein
mere naina hi to jaanein
tere nainon waali bhaasha
mere naina pehchaanein

these talks of your eyes,
my eyes alone understand.
the language of your eyes
in recognized by my eyes only.

naina, ye matwaare naina
naina, ye matwaare naina

eyes, these crazy eyes.

tere naino ke jaadu ke
naina mere deewaane
teri aisi-vaisi baatein
bolo hum kaise maanein?
mere bhole bhaale naina
tujhse hain anjaane

my eyes are crazy about
the magic of your eyes.
tell me how do I believe
your talks like this and that?
my innocent eyes
are unaware of you.

jhooThi laage teri kahaani
jhooThi laage teri kahaani
tere nainon ke jaise hi
jhooThe tere afsaane

to me, your story seems false.
your stories are false like your eyes, too.

nainon se kaho ki DhoonRhein
kaheen aur Thikaane
tere naino waali bhaasha
mere naina pehchaane

ask your eyes
to look for a place elsewhere.
the language of your eyes
in recognized by my eyes only.

teri aur meri kuch baat banaao
mushkil hoga ji tum haath baRhaao
ye pyaar ki saari bekaar adaayein
zara nain milaao, humein naa uljhaao
baRe bante ho ji, hum bhi hain sayaane
suno tere aur mere, hain qaraar puraane

do something about us (make things better),
it's going to be tough, so help me.
all these ways of love are nothing,
just make the eyes meet, don't trap me.
you think of yourself quite highly, but I'm intelligent too,
listen, you and I have old agreements in place.

haTo rehne do ji baRe aaye samjhaane
tere naino waali bhaasha
mere naina pehchaanein....

leave, let it be, don't try to explain things to me.
the language of your eyes
in recognized by my eyes only.

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