Tera Yaar Hoon Main Lyrics Translation | Sonu ke Titu ki Sweety

Movie: Sonu ke Titu ki Sweety
Music: Rochak Kohli
Lyrics: Kumaar
Singers: Arijit Singh, Rochak Kohli
Music Label: T-Series

This song is a story of childhood friends, one of whom is getting married, as the other feels that the friendship is about to end now, while the other tells him that it's not going to happen, and it comes to a resolution.

tu jo rooTha to kaun hansega
tu jo chhooTa to kaun rahega
tu chup hai to ye Dar lagta hai
apna mujhko ko ab kaun kahega

when you are angry, who would laugh?
if you are left, who would stay?
when you are silent, I am afraid
who would call me their own now...

tu hi wajah...
tere bina bewajah bekaar hoon main
tera yaar hoon main
tera yaar hoon main

you are the reason.
I am reason-less, useless, without you.
I'm your friend.

aaja laRein phir khilaunon ke liye
tu jeete main haar jaaun
aaja karein phir wohi sharaaratein
tu bhaage main maar khaaun

Come, let's fight for toys again,
You win and I'd lose.
Come, let's make those mischiefs again,
You run away and I'd get beaten (by parents/elders).

meeThi si wo gaali teri
sun-ne ko taiyaar hoon main
tera yaar hoon main
tera yaar hoon main
tera yaar hoon...

I'm ready to hear that
sweet-sounding cursing from you.
I'm your friend,
I'm your friend.

sajna de rang rangaaiyaan ve
sagna diyaan shehnaiyaan ve
Dhol wajaange yaar nachaange
lakh lakh deo badhaaiyaan ve

(he's) colored in the colors of the beloved.
there are shehnaais (a musical, wind instrument) playing.
there will be drums playing and friends dancing,
congratulations hundreds of thousands of times.

khushiyaan ‘ch nachda main phiraan
hanjuaan ton bachda main phiraan...

I keep dancing in the happiness,
I keep fighting tears.

o jaate nahi kahin rishte puraane
kisi naye ke aa jaane se
jaata hoon main to mujhe tu jaane de
kyun pareshaan hai mere jaane se...

old relationships don't go anywhere,
with a new person coming in.
let me go if I'm going,
why are you upset with my leaving?

TooTa hai to juRaa hai kyun
meri taraf tu muRaa hai kyun
haq nahi tu ye kahe ki yaar ab hum na rahe

if you are broken, why are you still attached to me?
why are you turned to me?
You don't have a right to say that we aren't friends now.

ek teri yaari ka hi
saaton janam haqdaar hoon main
tera yaar hoon main...

I have right to your friendship
all seven lives of mine,
I'm your friend.

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