Ho Jayega (Mohit Chauhan): Lyrics, Translation

Movie: From Sydney With Love
Music: Sohail Sen
Singer: Mohit Chauhan

Haan suna tha ye
Jo hota hai yoon
Wo hum ko bhi
Ho jayega, haan ho jayega
Ho jayega, pyaar ho jayega

I'd heard,
which happens like that only,
would happen,
happen to me too..
would happen, love would happen..

Jo hua nahin
Hai shak hamein
Wo ittefak ho jayega haan
Ho jayega

which has not happened,
I am suspicious,
that coincidence,
will happen..

Rawaan rawaan ye saaz hai
Kya ajnabi ehsaas hai
Zara zara si baat hai
Ghazal se ye alfaaz hain

This instrument is fluent,
what a strange feeling this is,
it's all small things,
these words are (sweet) like a Ghazal..

Ho jayega, haan
Ho jayega..

Dabi dabi teri khwahishein mujhko bata dena
Sona chaahoon kahin raat mein, mujhko jaga dena
Zara sa tum sata lena,
Jo roothoon main, mana lena
Bin mausamon ki baarishein, dil ke jahan pe hain
Teri roshani ki aatishein, mere aasmaan pe hain

Tell me your supressed wishes,
if I want to sleep in the night, wake me up,
trouble me a bit,
If I'm angry, cajole me,
The rains without the season are on the world of my heart,
The fireworks of your light, are there on my sky..

Gawahiyaan ye de rahi, yoon meri sau farmaishein
Duhaaiyaan hain de rahi, ye meri sau sifaarishein

A hundred requests of mine are testifying,
A hundred recommendations are appealing (as if for justice)..

Ho jayega, haan
ho jayega..

Kya hai likha tere chehre pe, mujhko dikha dena
Mere dil ke hi panne pe mujhko likha dena

show me what's written on your face
let me write it on the page of my heart only..

Hmmm, sikha dena, likha dena, suna dena, bata dena
Hmmm, jis kone palkein mudein, mujhko bula lena
Khwab ankhon mein jahan udein, mujhko sula dena
Jagah jagah sawaal hain, kya dil ka ye khayal hai
Kya tumko bhi hai ho raha, jo ho raha kamaal hai

teach me, let me write, let me hear, tell me,
call me on which corner your eyelids turn to,
where dreams fly in eyes, make me sleep,
everywhere there are questions, what's the thinking of heart,
The wonder that's happening, is it happening to you too?

Ho jayega, haan
Ho jayega..

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