Item Ye Hi Fi: Lyrics, Translation (From Sydney With Love)

Movie: From Sydney With Love
Music: Sohail Sen
Singer: Neeraj Shridhar

Kisne banayi hai
Dil mein samayi hai
Lagta hai pariyon ki nagari se aayi hai
Khaabon ke runway se flight udai hai
Dil ke andheron mein kya tube light jalai hai

Who has made?
She is filled in the heart
It seems as if she has come from the city of fairies
She has flown the flight from the runway of dreams
What a tube light she has illuminated in the darkness of heart

Uski adaon pe
Uske isharon pe
Dil mera gaya gone vone

On her style
On her signals
My heart is gone (crazy)

Dil ko to bolo bye bye bye bye
Item ye hi fi hi fi hi
Please welcome shifting flying Hi hi hi
Item ye hi fi hi fi hi

Say bye to the heart
This item is hi fi
Please welcome shifting flying Hi hi hi
This item is hi fi

Na na na..
Na na na..

Dil kare Boogie Voogie
Uska to badla vadla ravaiyya
Hua hai dhokha
Dil ki na rahe doobi doobi, ye nayya

My heart dances
Her attitude is changed
I am betrayed
This boat of love should not drawn

Ab to duaon se
Na hi dawaon use
Dil ye bechara bachna

Now neither by wishes
Nor by medicines
This heart can be saved

Dil ko to bolo bye bye bye bye..

Ruka hai thehra thehra zamana
Sunta hai tera mera fasaana
Zara tu sunna, kehta hai jo dil behka behka tarana
Meri nigahon mein, Faily si bahon mein
Jagah hai aake bas ja

The world has stopped
It is listening to our story
listen to the song a bit which this misled heart sings
In my eyes, in the spread arms
There is space, come and live

Dil ko to bolo bye bye bye bye..

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