Mujhe Pankh De Do Lyrics, Translation (Women for Change)

Shubha Mudgal once again comes out with a beautiful, wonderful, touching song for the freedom of women, girls. The lyrics are once again by Prasoon Joshi. Here is an English Translation.

Oonche gagan mein udne ka sapna
hatheli se baadal ko chhoone ke armaan
mujhko mitana hai in faaslon ko
mujhe pankh de do
mujhe pankh de do

The dream to fly high in the sky,
dreams of touching the clouds with the palm,
I have to remove these distances,
give me wings,
give me wings..

kal kal karti nadiyaan
mere ghar se kyun na guzrein
rimjhim rinjhim sheetal saavan
angna kyun na barse
badalna hai sadiyon ke in silsilon ko
mujhe pankh de do
mujhe pankh de do

why shouldn't free flowing rivers go through my home,
why shouldn't the raining cool monsoon rain in my yard,
I have to change these successions of centuries..
give me wings
give me wings..

mere talwon ke neeche os kyun na muskaaye
chehre par ik dhuli dhuli si kiran,
kyun na gehraaye
aazad kar do mere kaafilon ko
mujhe pankh de do
mujhe pankh de do

why shouldn't dew drops smile beneath my feet,
why shouldn't a ray washed (can say, in dew, or sunbathed)
deepen on my face
make my caravans free..
give me wings
give me wings..

1 comment:

shital said...

This song means a lot to me right now 'coz it speaks to me about something I m going through, but not in the same way as it seems to speak to the rest of u. That's the beauty of music, that a single song can mean so many things to so many people.

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