Teri shirt da main button lyrics translation (KSKHH)

Movie: Kya Super Kool Hain Hum
Music: Meet bros, Anjaan
Singers: Sonu Nigam, Kailash Kher

Teri shirt da main ta button soniye
Haaye! Teri shirt da main ta button soniye
Baalon tere main haaye clip ho gaya
Chand se bhi zyada sohna mukhda tera
Haaye! Dekhte hi dil ye slip ho gaya

I am the button of your shirt, my beloved
O my beloved!
I am the button of your shirt, my beloved
I have become the clip of your hair
Your face is more beautiful than the moon
My heart slipped instantly when I watched it

O Marr gaye yaar deewane
O tere lover purane
O die heart fan tere hain
Tuhi kadar na jaane

Mad lovers died
Your old lovers
I am your die heart fan
Only you don't know my importance

Haaye ha o..
O Palko mein teri mil gaya, jannaton ka raasta
O tere peechhe peechhe peechhe chal pada, ye mera mann baawra
Tere gaalon ka main colour soniye
Gale ka main tere necklace ho gaya

haaye ha o..
I found the way to heaven in your eye_brows
My mad mind started to move behind you
I am the colour of your cheeks, my beloved
I have become the necklace of your neck.

Tune khayalo ko jo chhu liya
Haaye neendon ka aana jaana less ho gaya

When you touched the thoughts
My sleeps became less in number.

O Marr gaye yaar deewane..

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Anonymous said...

This is so well written..love the lyricist's creativity...I think this can be one of the best internation music score of 2012..What say Reeni?

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