Yaar ajj lutna: Lyrics, Translation (Cocktail)

Movie: Cocktail
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singers: Masuma Anwar, Sahir Ali Bagga, Anupam Amod
Music Label: T-Series

Jeh main tenu baahar dhoondhan
Teh mere andar kaun samaaya?
Jeh main tenu andar dhoondhan
Teh baahar kisdi maaya?

When I find you outside,
then who is there inside me?
When I look for you inside,
then whose illusion is it outside?

Andar tu ae bahar tu ae
Vekhan har thaan tera saaya
Main bhi tu ae
Teh tu bhi tu ae
Ratta farak nazar na aaya
Yaar ajj luttna haye luttna, ho dil tuttna tuttna tuttna
Yaar ajj luttna

You are inside as well as outside
I see your shadow everywhere
I am you
and you are you too
I didn't find a single difference
Friend, today I will be robbed, my heart will be broken
my friend, I will be robbed today.

Log chiraag jalaate ghee ke
Maine dil ka deep jalaaya
Log hain khaate kasam wafaa ki
Main zehar hi jarda khaaya

People burn oil-lamps
I burnt the lamp of my heart
People swear of loyality
I swallowed the poison itself

Log gawaande dil ishqe mein
Log gawaande dil ishqe mein
Maine apna aap gawaya
Phir bhi mera pujna haye, mere sone yaar ko bhaaya

People lose their heart in love
People lose their heart in love
I lost myself
Still my charming love liked my extinction.

Jeh main nadiyaan taa tu paani
Main taan bin tere sukh jaana
Jeh tu paani taa main pyaasi
Main taan bin tere muk jaana

If I am a river, you are water
I will get dry without you
If you are water, I am thirsty
I will die without you..

Dil da lagna agg da lagna
Yaara sab kuchh hai jal jaana
Na tu dhuaan na chingaari
Yahaan kuch bhi nazar na aana

Loving someone is like catching fire
Friend, everything will be burnt
There is neither smoke nor spark
nothing can be seen here.

Aaja khelein khel wafaa ka
Yeh khel hai bahut puraana
Ya tu mera ya main teri
Hai chaukhat par marr jaana

Let's play the game of love
This game is very old
Either you will be mine or I will
die on your threshold..

Yaar ajj luttna haye luttna, ho dil tuttna tuttna tuttna - 5 times
Yaar ajj luttna

Friend, today I will be robbed, my heart will be broken-5
my friend, I will be robbed today.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for these translations for Cocktail!!! Very much appreciated! :D

Datu said...

love this song

Anonymous said...

Its not hi jarda its hijr da which means separation

MD said...

Then what is the English translation of full the corrected line:
"Main zehar hijr da khaaya" if "hijr" means separation?

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Main zeher hijr da khaaya means

I ate the poison of separation

which far more suits the couplet

Anonymous said...

Phir bhi mera pujna haye, mere sone yaar ko bhaaya

The above line seems to have a mistake.

It shuold be:
Phir bhi mera bujhna haye, mere sone yaar ko bhaaya

pujna means to worship.
bujhna means to extinguish (Put out, as of fires, flames, or lights).

It makes more sense with respect to first two lines of the para where author talks about 'burning the lamp of his heart'.

Harshit Gupta said...


Yeah, you're right. It's just that in the Punjabi accent, the word is sometimes sung as Pujhna instead of Bujhna, just like Jhalla becomes Challa, and Ghar becomes kaar. ["Kaar kaar honda hai, maa maa hondi hai." Anil Kapoor to Salman Khan in Biwi no 1]

Can be read as bujhna definitely.

Anonymous said...

Major confusion in this thread about the word "Jugni". Jugni [in Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, etc] means a Female Firefly [the male referred to as "Jug-noo"].
in the context of this song - it could be a young female [Jugni is a common female in the greater Punjab region] OR it could mean the human soul [ as this translation has used it as]
- Thanks, Daddu

Anonymous said...

@Harshit Gupta

Thanks for the clarification, appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

helped me understand what my GF says (sings) at times coz she's punjabi n plays this song everytime she is sad...
- NJ

Unknown said...

"The first letter (Alif) of God's name" actually it was Alif of Allah not God. Allah and Gods are two different matters(search on Goggle) it's not only a language matter it's too deep.Mind It listeners......Nice Lyric & Thanks for the translates anyway....

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