Bhoos ke dher mein Lyrics Translation (Gangs of Wasseypur)

Movie: Gangs of Wasseypur
Music: Sneha Khanwalkar
Lyrics: Varun Grover
Singers: Manish J Tipu, Bhupesh Singh

Bhoos ke dher mein raai ka daana,
Rang biranga bail sayaana,
Dooje pahar mein toot-ta taara,
Paani pe tirta pakka paara..
Na mili hai na mili hai na mili hai na..

a small grain in a haystack,
a smart, colorful buffalo,
a falling star in the afternoon,
solid mercury floating on water,
Can't be found, can't be found, can't be found..

Na soch, Na khoj,
Ud jayi-ho, jag hai top..

Don’t think, don't search
The world will burst like a cannon..

Hai kohra sab rakh haath taane,
Imaan na dayi-ho hili-hai..

It’s all fog ahead, so keep your hands sticking out..
Just don’t let your faith dwindle..

Na mili hai na mili hai na mili hai na..

Batiyaati haathon ki lakeera,
Mahal duwaarey, khaDa fakeera..

Lines of palms talking (telling the fate)
an ascetic waiting at a palace gate..

Ghaat laga le,
Raat jaga le,
Sooraj ka sab ghoda bhaga le, baba..
Dhar le chaahe bhoot ki dhoti,
Paa le ashwathhama ka moti,

Paani mein..
Paani mein, maati mein,
Loha mein, kaathi mein,
Jiya ke jod mein, aankhan ki paati mein..
Aakaas khule mein, mann ki gaanthi mein..

Be ready,
Wake the night up,
drive away the horses of sun,
latch on to the ghost’s robe,
Or acquire the pearl of a great warrior..

In water..
in water or in earth,
in iron or in wood,
in the joint of hearts or crack of eyes,
in the vast skies or closed minds..

Batiyaati haathon ki lakeera,
Mahal duwaarey, khada fakeera..

Bhari dupahari naache mayura,
Yam se chatur hai, gaanv ka moora...

a peacock dancing in blazing sun,
a village idiot more wicked than the Devil..

Na mili hai na mili hai na mili hai na..

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Anonymous said...

hi, can someone please translate Aabroo from Gangs of Wasseypur 2 please! sung by the same singers too, its the only song from the album not on this page!!!

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