Chi Cha Ledar/ Chhi Chha Ledar Lyrics Translation (Gangs of Wasseypur 2)

Movie: Gangs of Wasseypur Part 2
Music: Sneha Khanwalkar
Lyrics: Varun Grover
Singers: Durga

Mera jutta fake leather dil chhi-chha-ledar
Wo humse poochha whether I like the weather

My shoe is made of fake leather, heart is in trouble
He asked me if I like the weather..

Chamcham wali goggle bhool ke Sar muh bhaage
Makhmal wala muffler chhodke Sar muh bhage
Tere naam ke radhe bhaiya
Najar katili lazer
Jutta jutta jutta..

He ran fast forgetting the sparkling goggle
He ran fast leaving the velvet muffler
Radhey bhaiya from (the movie) Tere Naam
has sharp killer eyes like lazer

Jutta fake leather dil chhichhaledar..

Hedar bedar hedar bedar
dil chhi chha leather
jutta jutta..

Heder weather hedar weather
heart is in trouble
Shoe shoe..

Maare tamaam haraamkhori,
lambi lambi chhode
Kare tikalla jaat aghori
Bani banaai ghode..

He does all the wrong things,
boasts a lot

Maar tamaam haraamkhori
Lambi lambi chhode hai
Daant se khole beer botal
Nain se loha mode mode

He does all the wrong things,
boasts a lot
He opens the beer bottle with his teeth
bends the iron rod with the eye

Nakshebaaji haath me lekar
Sab rangbaaji saath me lekar
Garze barse bedar
Garze barse bedar

Keeping drama in his hands
having a lot of colour in his life
The weather growls and rains
The weather growls and rains

Hedar bedar hedar bedar (weather)
Hedar bedar hedar bedar
Dil chhichhaledar
jutta jutta..

Hedar weather hedar weather
hedar weather hedar weather
Heart is in trauble
Shoe shoe shoe..


oneandonly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
oneandonly said...

It is Bani banaai gode not ghode. It is similar to the Hindi phrase Paki Pakaayi khana.

Anonymous said...

bhai u need to check ur lyrics its Sarauh not sar muh...

Harish said...

liked your translation but need to be more accurate...
anyway thanks for the lyrics.. :)

Manas Naidu said...

Rangbaaji means gangs or gang members, and not colors of life..

mapuna said...

And its hetar tetar (here - there, literally) not Hedar bedar (nothing like that man!).

Sha said...

Fenk leather.Fenk means awesome or something.not fake

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