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Movie: Shirin Farhad ki Toh Nikal Padi
Music: Jeet Ganguli
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Singers: KK, Shreya Ghoshal
Music Label: T-Series

Hai dosti kuch zyada zindagi se ho gayi
Hai dosti phir taaza zindagi se ho gayi

The friendship with life has reached too much
The friendship with life is renewed again

Ye pyaar tera khumar sa hai
Suhane khwab hamne bhi bune
Ishq mein tere bina
Ishq mein tere bina
Dil hi na lage..

Your love is like a an intoxication
I have also decorated pleasant dreams
In love, without you
In love, without you
The heart does not become happy

Tujhe mil ke samjhi
tujhse pehle kaise thi zindagi
Chehre se gulshan dil se sehra jaisi
thi zindagi thi zindagi

When I met you, I came to know
How the life was before you
The life looked like a garden (by face)
and like a desert from the heart
(i.e. life looked great outside but was bad really)

Yeh pyar tera, bahaar sa hai
To aaj phool hamne bhi chune
Ishq mein tere bina..

Your love is like spring
That's why I too chose flowers today
Without you in love..

Meri har dhadkan pe toone khwahish likh di
Kya baat hai, Kya baat hai
Mere bikhre sur the, toone bandish likh di
Kya baat hai, kya baat hai
Ye pyar tera, malhar sa hai
Taraane aaj hamne bhi sune

You wrote desire on my each heartbeat
How beautiful! How beautiful!
I had scttered tone, you bounded them
How beautiful! How beautiful!
Your love is like Malhar Raga(1)
I also heard the melodies today.

Ishq mein tere bina..

Hai dosti kuch zyada zindagi se hogai
Hai dosti phir taja zindagi se hogai

Ye pyaar tera bahaar sa hai
Suhane khwab hamne bhi bune
Ishq mein tere bina..

1. The Raga Malhar is a raga in Indian classical music, which supposedly has the power to bring down rains when rendered in full might.

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Super song,i love it so much

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