Chi Cha Leather/ Chhichhaledar Meaning (GoW2)

Mera Jutta Fake Leather, Dil Chhichha leather. This song of Gangs of Wasseypur Part 2, sung by a 12-13 year old girl called Durga, is almost everywhere today. But there are some doubts about the meanings of words here. So here is our post, hopefully clearing the most of it.

The line goes Mera Jutta Fake Leather, Dil Chhi-chha-ledar.

Mera Jutta Fake Leather simply means that my shoe is made of Fake Leather. And the way it goes, one might think that Chhichha means real so that the line would go 'My shoe is fake leather, but my heart is made of real leather.'

However, chhichha is not a word in Hindi, but chhichhaledar (छीछालेदर) as a whole is a word which means a bad situation, trouble, mess. And hence, the line would mean that my heart is in a mess.

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Anonymous said...

Its a antonym song for ----

"mera juta hai japani , dil hindustani."

My heart is as much mess and fake as a bad shoe made of fake leather.

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