Moora: Meaning, Lyrics, Translation (Gangs of Wasseypur 2)

Movie: Gangs of Wasseypur Part 2
Music: Sneha Khanwalkar
Lyrics: Varun Grover
Singer: Sneha Khanwalkar/ Deepak Kumar

Moora means an idiot, not someone who's an idiot as such, but more of a naive, innocent kind of person who doesn't know much. For the sake of brevity.

Frustiyaao nahin moora,
Narbhasaao nahin moora,
Anytime moodwa ko,
Upsettaao nahin moora…

Don't get frustrated, O stupid,
Don't get nervous, o stupid,
Don't get your mood be upset at any time..

Jo bhi wrongwa hai usey,
Set right-wa karo ji,
Naahin loojiye ji hope,
Thoda fightwa karo ji..

Whatever is wrong,
set it right..
Don't lose hope,
Fight a little..
O stupid..

Kaahe muthhi mein pakad,
Raha paniya re moora…
Rahe paani ki na yaad
Naa nisaniya re moora

Why are you trying to hold
water in your hand, O stupid,
This water will leave no memory
nor any sign, O stupid..

Startey startey startey..
Startey brainwa re moora,
Charh trainwa re moora,
Naahin pagla re bann,

Start, start your brain
O stupid
Get on to the train O stupid,
Don't be an idiot..

Act sane-wa re moora..
Anytime anytime,
Hai yeh retiya kaa ghar,
Anytime anytime,
Bharbharaao nahin moora..
Anytime anytime,
Diye chance-wa jo life,
Refuse-aao nahin moora…
Sakpakaao nahin moora,
Latpataao nahin moora…

Act sanely, O stupid,
Any time, any time,
This home is that of sand,
Any time any time,
don't make it fall..
Anytime anytime..
When the life gives a chance,
Don't refuse it, stupid..
Don't be nervous, stupid,
Don't be uneasy, stupid..

Anytime moodwa ko,
Anytime moodwa ko,
Upsettaao nahin moora…


Unknown said...

I liked the translation very much. In song,because of unnecessary music some lines could not understood. Thanks alot.

Dr. Himanhsu Parashar said...

awesome yar... Thanks

Anonymous said...

I think instead of Act scene-wa it is Act soonwa re moora meaning acting soon.

Anonymous said...

Its not Act scene-wa or Act soonwa re moora... its act Sanewa re moora..

Act sane means act with sound mind.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Super translation, interpretation,
Not complete-ji moora,
but buswa ji moora!!
Sooper-ji moora!!

shrikishore said...

I think the translation of mukhada is wrong sir...

first line is
risiyao nahi moora... (not "furshtiyao" as you menson)
moora mean "me" (idiot is wrong)
so the mukhada meaning is as
... mujhe gussa mat dilao
mujhe narvas mat karo
kabhi bhi mood ko
upset nahi karo mere

shrikishore said...

Dear All,
I think the translation of mukhada is not appropriate
1. moora mean actual "me" (not "idiot" as translated)
2. moodh is a hindi word and meaning is idiot

so the mukhada is :
Frustiyaao nahin moora,
Narbhasaao nahin moora,
Anytime moodwa ko,
Upsettaao nahin moora…

and its meaning is

mujhe frustrated mat karo
mujhe narvas mat karo
kabhi bhi mere mood ko
upset mat karo ....

thanx n regards
-shrikishore shahi

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