Jugni Meaning

Jugni/ Jugnee (Punjabi/Gurumukhi: ਜੁਗਨੀ, Hindi: जुगनी, Urdu: جگنی) is a Punjabi word which literally means a female firefly. (Jugnu = Firefly)

However, coming to poetry, Jugni has a specific figurative importance, as the word is used for an observer from whose perspective the poetry is written, as well as the spirit of life, the essence of life in spiritual poetry.

Jugni, especially the earlier times, is found to be mostly spiritual in nature, and Pakistani singer Alam Lohar was considered one of the early people who brought Jugni in their writing/singing. His son Arif Lohar continues with the tradition and has also sung famous 'Alif Allah' in Coke Studio and recently a version of that in Hindi film Cocktail.

In the song Alif Allah, the word goes for its spiritual meaning, the essence of life, the spirit-being.


Anonymous said...

its so good to know the etymology of this word... makes a lot of sense to me when i read the fully lyrics...

i thank Bollymeaning for this

Unknown said...

Thanks. a loot for informing the meta physical meaning of this word

Anonymous said...

thank you. listening to the kuldeep manak song made me wonder.-- tasha

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