Saiyaan Kaala Rey: Lyrics, Translation, Meaning (GoW2)

Movie: Gangs of Wasseypur Part 2
Music and singer: Sneha Khanwalkar
Lyrics: Varun Grover

Kaala re, saiyyan kaala re
tan kala re, man kala re
kaali jabaan ki kaali gaari
kaale din ki kaali shaamein
saiyaan karte ji coal bajari

black, my beloved is black,
the body is black, the soul is black,
the abuses hurled from the black tongue are black..
black evenings of black day,
my beloved deals in black market of coal..

(here, the phrase Coal Bazari is used for two meanings instead of one. Coal marketing is used for black marketing as it's black, and it's dealing of coal anyway)

Kaala re, saiyyan kaala re..

black, my beloved is black..

bairi coal coal coal
Chheene tol tol tol
chhat aangan chahardeewaari
Saiyyan karte ji coal bajaari

this enemy coal,
seems to be snatching by weight
(my home's) roof, courtyard, and boundarywall..
(as in, she's feeling that her home is dying in this quest for coal)
my beloved deals in black market of coal..

Kaali mitti kutta kaala
kaala bilkul surme waala
kaala kawwa hawwa kaala
Kaala baadal ghirne wala
kaala moti girne wala
Kaala jhanda danda kala
kaala batua paisa kala
kali aankhon jaisa kala

The earth is black and dog is black too,
completely black like the kohl,
crow is black and the unknown ghost is black..
black clouds are about to collect all around,
a black pearl is about to fall.. (a tear with the color of kohl is called a black pearl)
the flag is black and so is the rod (supporting it)
the purse is black and the money is black too,
it's black like the black eyes..

kali agni
kali garmi sooraj kala
kaala beegha aur gaj kala
kala haathi haathi kala kala
bairi coal coal coal
Chheene tol tol tol
bairi coal coal
Chheene whole sale tol
rang paani aur pichkari..

the fire is black..
the heat is black and sun is black..
the bighas and yards are black (Bigha and yards are the common units for land measurement used for selling and buying of land. Here it mostly means the buying and selling of land is black, as in, involves illegal/immoral activities)
the elephant is black..
this enemy coal,
seems to be snatching by weight
this enemy coal,
seems to be snatching as if in whole sale
all color, water, and the sprayer..

(that means due to coal, all the color of life is going and only black remains there)

Saiyyan karte ji..
Piya karte ji..
Saiyyan karte ji..
Kaala re, saiyyan kala re..


Anonymous said...

Awesome translation.
You made me view the song in a different light.

Anonymous said...

Wt a COAL SonG . .

Anonymous said...

nice traslation :)

Anonymous said...

fucking great lyric ! Mind blowing....! I'm just amazed ! Who the hell has wrote the amazing lyrics ? It says Varun Grover and Piyush Mishra is the lyricist, but who has penned this ?? revolutionary style ! Wow...
i think his:

"Kali Kali Kalam Kala"

here 2nd kali=ink (used in bengali )

Anuj Daga said...

very nice translation! great job!

Anonymous said...

Black beauty!!

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