Maine Khud ko Lyrics Translation/ Aa tujh mein bitaun ratiyaan

Movie: Ragini MMS 2
Music: Pranay Rijia
Lyrics: Kumaar
Singer: Mustafa Zahid

Maine khud ko de diya hai tujh ko
Main tera.. hoon tera
Kaate na kate, leta hai ye karvatein
Din mera.. din mera

I've given myself to you,
I am yours, all yours..
It doesn't pass, it takes turns,
my day, ah my day.

Aa tujh mein bitaaun ratiyaan
Dil dil ko sunaaye batiyaan
Aa tujh mein bitaaun ratiyaan
Ho tu mujh mein kahin pe bas jaa

Come I'll pass my night in you,
The heart will tell stories to heart,
Come I'll pass my night in you,
Come live in me somewhere..

Tune chhuaa to main dhadakne laga
Dil ki duaa hothon pe rakhne laga

You touched me and I began to beat [like a heart]
I began to put the wish of heart on my lips..

Meri raahein, kadmon pe tere rukein
Ye panaahein, sajde mein tere jhukein

My paths, should stop at your steps.
These walls [talks of himself] should bow in prayer to you..
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