Auliya Lyrics Translation | Ungli

Movie: Ungli
Music: Salim-Sulaiman
Lyrics: Kumaar [unconfirmed]
Singer: Armaan Malik
Label: Sony Music

In this spiritual song, the protagonist is asking his Guide, his Protector, that is God, as to why he's in a dilemma, in the bad situation where he is, when he did everything the right way, the way it should have been done.

Haari ankhiyon ka sapna bhi haara haara
Sooni ratiyon mein jaise koi toota taara
Ummeed ki baati se kyun lau hai roothi roothi
Kaise jalaaun phir shamaa

The dream of lost eyes is a lost one too,
like some star breaking (away from the sky) in a deserted night
[so that there is darkness with loneliness]
How do I burn the candle again

Auliya mere rasta dikha
Girte ko uthna sikhaa haye
Awliya mere rastaa dikha

O my guide, show me the way.
teach the one who's falling how to get up
O my guide show me the way..


O my protector..

Tune hatheli ki tedhi lakeeron mein di hain
naimatein yaa likhi sazaa hai
Hum ne hamesha sar-aankhon pe rakhi hai
Jo bhi teri razaa hai

In these curvy lines of palms, have you give
your blessings, or have you written a punishment for me there?
I've always obeyed religiously
Whatever your wish is..

teri nazar mein suna hai kahin zyaada darza
duaaon se hai koshishon ka
jo ho rahaa hai wo anjaam hai
koshishon ka ya haadsa hai
Hain mere saamne aaj do kashtiyaan
Din kisi ek ka nakhuda*...

I've heard that in your eyes,
Efforts are given more importance than blessings..
What is happening though, is it a result
of efforts or is it an accident?
There are two boats in front of me,
And the day is the sailor for one of them..
[That is, the day is going to sail one of these boats across, but I don't know which boat, i.e.which option of the two should I choose.]

Auliya mere rastaa dikha
Girte ko uthna sikhaa haye
Auliya mere rasta dikha

* Many websites have broken the word down into two separate words na and khuda. The word here is nakhuda which means a boatman, sailor, the one who would sail the boat that is being talked about in the same sentence.

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