Main to Superman Salman ka Fan Lyrics Translation | Tevar

Movie: Tevar
Music: Sajid-Wajid
Lyrics: Kausar Munir
Singer: Wajid Ali
Label: Eros Music

This song by Sajid-Wajid has some catchy music and quite interesting lyrics, with a Haryanvi touch in tone, words and singing. The song is almost a sure-shot hit recipe though a couple of words might need parental guidance for kids. Translation, Youtube Video link and more details are here.

Ek bata doon aap se
Nai Darta kisi ke baap se
Ja mere naam ke bill faaD le...
Arey ja mere naam ke bill faaD
Jo ukhaaDna ukhaaD le..

I'll tell you one thing,
I am not afraid of anyone's father,
Go, blame me if you want,
go, blame me..
And do whatever you can do to me..

Main to SupermaN, Salman ka faN
Jo leve panga, kar doon maa-bhaiN
Oh main toh supermaN (O Pinte!)
Salman ka faN (Oh Pinte!)
Jo leve pangaa, kar doon maa-bhaiN (woh Pinte!)

[1. Maa-behen karna is a slang, pretty much a swear word, which would mean to create chaos, disorder, while maa-behen hona would mean chaos to simply happen, get f***ed up, whichever way.
2. Pintu/ Pintoo/ Pinte/ Pintay is the character's name here.]

I am superman, Salman's fan..
Whoever messes with me, I'll F*** him up..

Haaye de dana dan dete hain
Sun ke hum nahi lete hain
Hai koi to hoga apne ghar mein wo nawaab
Kharcha paani maange jo
Poori khaatir karte hain
KhaDe khaDe chhuTTe kar dete hain sare hisaab

We/I beat people up quickly,
I don't listen to anyone..
If someone is a prince, he be so in his own house..
If someone creates a mess with us,
we/I give him a good lesson..*
Immediately We/I clear all the balances..

[* proverbial meaning. Lit.: if someone asks for a little expense to be made, we serve him with proper hospitality. However, the actual implied meaning is with beating up etc.]

Seedhi saadi apni asha
Prem pyaar ki bolo bhasha
Jaan ke koi na samjhe to karte hain tamasha
Aaya hoon main parde faad ke.. faad ke.. haan
Aaya hoon main parde faad ke
Jaaunga main jhande gaad ke

Our hope is simple and straight,
Speak the language of love..
We create a drama only if someone pretends not to understand..
I've come tearing curtains apart,
I've come tearing curtains apart,
and I will go, having unfurl my flag [i.e. having proved myself.]

Main toh supermaN, Salman ka faN
Jo leve panga, kar dun maa-bha..N
Oh main toh supermaN (Oye Pinte!)
SalmaN ka faN (Oye Pinte!)
Jo leve panga, kar dun maa-bhaN..

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