Tinga Tinga Nanga Punga Dost Lyrics Translation | PK

Movie: PK
Music: Shantanu Moitra
Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire
Singer: Shreya Ghoshal
Music Label: T-Series

A light, fun song that talks about the main protagonist of the film PK.

Bhaagi bhaagi zindagi re
Peeche peechhe main chali re
Nayi raahein naye naye mod
Anjaani gali mein mila aawara sa banjaara sa
Tinga Tinga nanga punga dost

See, life is running,
and I go behind it, (like, I follow it)
New paths, all new turns,
On an unknown street, I found a vagrant, wandering,
little, kinda naked friend..

Aaya hai kahaan se wo
Kya dhoondne wo aaya hai
Ek boond bhi usney na pee
Par PK wo kehlaaya hai

From where has he come,
and to find what has he come?
He didn't drink a single drop (of alcohol),
and yet he is called PK
[PeeKay in Hindi would mean, having drunk. For detail, see PK Meaning HERE.]

Tinga-Tinga nanga-punga
Tinga-Tinga nanga-punga dost

Kabhi lagta hai joker hai wo, kabhi lagta loafer
Chor uchakka nipat anaaRi science ka professsor

Sometimes it seems he's a Joker, sometimes he looks like a loafer,
(and at times) some thief, complete novice, or even a professor of science..

Duniya nashe mein talli thi
Ye hosh mein usey laaya tha
tharra de jo poori dharti ko
Wo sawaal usne uthaaya tha

The world was drunk under an intoxication,
he had brought it back to consciousness..
One that would make the whole world shake,
that question he had asked..

Tinga-Tinga-nanga-punga dost

Muskaane ka gur bhi sikhaaya
Peena sikhaaya gham
Yaadein karoDon jis ne di
Usey kaise bhulaayein hum

He taught the skill of smiling,
and taught how to drink sorrows..
The one who gave crores of memories.. [crore = 10 million]
How do we forget him..

Tareekh mein aisa koi na aaya hai na aaya tha
Ek boond bhi usne na pee
par PK wo kehlaya tha

In history, no one such has come, or ever had..
He didn't ever drink a drop
but he was called PK..

Tinga Tinga nanga punga
Tinga Tinga nanga punga
Tinga Tinga nanga punga dost

aaya hai kahan se wo
Kya doondhne wo aaya hai
Ik boond bhi usney na pi
Par PK woh kehlaya hai

Tinga-Tinga nanga-punga
Tinga-Tinga nanga-punga dost..


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Was I the only one who really wanted to know what Tinga-Tinga Nanga Punga meant?

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