Mareez-e-Ishq/ Haath Rakh De Dil Pe Zara Lyrics Translation | Zid

Music: Sharib-Toshi
Lyrics: Shakeel Azmi
Singer: Arijit Singh
Label: Sony Music

Another love song from Zid with a simple melody that sounds good in Arijit's voice. One of the songs that would stay with you for some time if you let them grow on you. Look for a few tough words in there. We have them all translated though, of course. :)

Mareez-e-Ishq hoon main, kar de dawaa

Talab hai tu, tu hai nasha
Ghulam hai dil ye tera
Khul ke zara jee loon tujhe
Aaja meri saanson mein aa

I am the patient of love, get me a medicine

you are a craving, you are an intoxication..
This heart of mine is your slave..
I wish to live you freely..
come, come to my breaths..

Mareez-e-Ishq hoon, main kar de dawa
Haath rakh de tu dil pe zara

I am the patient of love, get me a medicine
Just put your hand on my heart..

Tujhe mere rab ne milaaya
Maine tujhe apna banaaya
Ab na bichhadna Khudaaya

Mohabbat rooh ki hai laazim riza
Haath rakh de tu dil pe zara

My God made me meet with you,
I have made you my own..
Now don't be away from me, for God's sake..
Love (from you) is a necessary contentment of the heart..
Just put your hand on my heart..

Chaaha tujhe maine wafaa se
Maanga tujhe maine duaa se
Paaya tujhe teri adaa se
Karam hadd se zyaada mujhpe tera

I loved you with a devotion,
I asked for you in my prayers,
I got you by your own way,
You have shown much grace on me..

Haath rakh de tu dil pe zara..

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