Sajan re Jhooth Mat Bolo Lyrics Translation | Teesri Kasam

Movie: Teesri Kasam
Music: Shankar-Jaikishen
Lyrics: Shailendra
Singer: Mukesh
Music Label: Saregama

This is one of the most memorable songs of Basu Bhattacharya's National Award Winning film Teesri Kasam. The song talks about how we don't need to say or do wrong things, as this is a small life after which we all have to just go as we came, taking nothing from here.

Sajan re jhooth mat bolo
khuda ke paas jaana hai
na haathi hai na ghoda hai,
Wahaan paidal hi jana hai

O dear, don't tell lies,
at the end, we have to go to God
(leaving everything here, and be answerable to Him too).
There is neither elephants nor horses to go there,
we have to go there on foot only..
(means nothing we save here will be useful then, everyone will be equal there.)

Tumhaare mehel Chaubaare
Yaheen reh jayenge Saare
akad kis baat ki pyaare
Ye sar phir bhi jhukaana hai

your forts and your big rooms,
they'll all just remain here (as you leave this world)
Why are you so rigid, O dear one,
This head has to be eventually bowed..

bhalaa kije bhalaa hoga
buraa kije buraa hoga
bahi Likh-Likh ke kya hoga
Yahin Sab kuch Chukana hai

If you do good (to others), there will be good
if you do bad (for others),it will be bad (for you too)
what would be achieved by writing ledgers etc.,
everything has to be paid within this world only..

Ladakpan khel mein khoya
jawaani neend bhar Soya
budhaapa Dekhkar roya
Wahi kissa purana hai

Our childhood was lost in playing,
during youth, we slept freely,
and then in the old age, we cried looking at the situation,
it's the same old story..

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