Roshani/ Roshanee (Aarakshan): Lyrics, Translation

Baras rahi hai roshanee

Deeware todke
Raahon ko modke
Nikli hai roshnee
Har bandhan chhod ke
Gholo gholo, yeh andhere haan
Bana do siyaahi aur likh do tum
Nayi subah

Light is raining..

Breaking the walls,
turning the roads,
light has come out..
leaving every bond,
stir stir, these darknesses,
make ink (of them) and write
a new morning..

Todo taale, suraj ko khol do
Sabki mutthi, roshan hai bol do
Todo kuein aur kar do tum nadi
Pee lo baanto hai sab ki roshanee
Roshanee ..
Hai yeh sabki roshanee, pighli hai yeh roshanee
Hai yeh sabki roshanee, pighli hai yeh roshanee

Break the locks, open the sun,
say that everyone's fist is shining,
break the wells and make a river (i.e. stop limiting things, resources)
drink and distribute, light belongs to everyone..
light is everyone's, the light has melted..

Sabke liye raste hon, aasha ke baste hon
Jin mein ujaale baste ho
Khaai see thi, mit mit gayi
Kaayi see thi, hat hat gayi
Ho sabka suraj sabka aasmaan
Ab yahaan

there should be roads for all, packages of hope for all,
in which light should be living,
there was a ditch, it's almost gone (i.e. everyone is equal)
there was moss, it's cleared..
now the sun and sky should belong to all..

Roshanee ki rally, dhoop phaili phaili
Rut yeh nayi hai naweli
Ab toh sab hain, is rail mein
Engine sabka is khel mein
Ho sabki manzil sabka carvaan
Ab yahan

A rally of light, sun is spread around,
this weather is all new,
now all are here in this train,
everyone has an engine in this game,
now all should have their destination and their caravan..

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